Picture of USB Charging Station for multiple devices
Ever had a situation where

1) You come home and all your devices are running out of juice?

You gotta charge them all but you only have THAT many USB ports on your PC, and you need them freed up for other purpose.

2) You have sooo many cables connected to your power plugs, and your desktop is in a mess with all the USB cables and devices.


I have came across similar ready made products in the market but they are very expensive (about 89.95USD). My setup costs only 20 Singapore Dollars =)

The good thing about my DIY project is, I will be reusing my USB cables that came with my devices, and I can charge anything that comes with its own USB cable.
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Step 1: Materials that you need

Picture of Materials that you need
You will need

1 x plastic tupperware box
1 x pen knife
1 x scissors
1 x USB Hub with external power supply
1 x non-slip mat
1 x power drill

Step 2: Choice of tupperware

Picture of Choice of tupperware
When buying or reusing a tupperware box, choose one that is

1) Deep enough to hold your cable slack and USB hub

2) has a cover that is soft, for easy cutting and eventually a little bit of bending

Step 3: Cut an opening in the lid

Picture of Cut an opening in the lid
** Always be careful when using sharp objects and tools.

Use your pen knife and cut around the parameters of the lid.

Do this for only half of the parameters.

Step 4: Drill a hole for the power cable

Picture of Drill a hole for the power cable
**Always be careful when using drilling tools. 
**Ask for assistance from an experienced user.

Using a drill to make a hole at the side wall of the tupperware box. 

This hole is made for the power cable to supply power to the USB hub.

Step 5: Cut a non-slip mat for the cover

Picture of Cut a non-slip mat for the cover
Using a stencil, cut out a piece of non-slip mat sized right for the cover.

This non-slip mat will hold your devices and prevent them from slipping down the open 'crack'. It also makes the charging station looks nicer.
retrotronic2 years ago
Great in principle. The only flaw is usb hubs only supply 500Mah per port which means longer charging time than if I used my mobile phone charger directly which would charge my phone at 2amps which would charge faster. To work around this, one could mount a plug strip and the chargers actually inside the box, but it would require a larger enclosure.

good point. I need to build a better one.

DrWilson5 years ago
Nice instructable!