USB Cooler





Introduction: USB Cooler

Step 1: What You Need

motor, (port USB = max. 2,5W !) 2 Cd, USB cable, papier or plastic tube

Step 2: Windmill

Cut and form CD or DVD

Step 3: Cable

Prepare USB cable, leav: red and black

Step 4: Folding


Step 5: Finish




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    Looks nice! I'll have to try this sometime. What's the name of the brown thing with the 4 screws in it?

    i cut a little material out from in between each fan blade to give it some room to suck some air in and it prevented it from fracturing when bending it over the flame. here's a picture of what it looks like,

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    this looks good..
    i think making fan in this way is better

    im making a fan like urs but im useing some plastic from a beading box i found at my houst it is approximly 2inches and im useing a moter from a portable cd player its a little small and loud bit it works


    can some help me?!
    how to make the cd past in that angle?
    did you remove them and atacht them again with glue?


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    I once saw a method where you cut the CD as shown above and then you can heat the part where the cuts meet and then just gently twist the blades :)

    nice fan i am definitely going to make one while its summer here :D

    What's the orange thing in the 2nd pic.?

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    it's just a connector, wires get put in both sides and the screws lock them in place

     i've done make this cool fan,.. thank you,...

    where would i get the small motor?? from a old tape radio? im still not sure how you do the wiring and if you really need to solder it... im stll a beginner

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    radioshack has a bunch of them for $3 to $5 and something like a tape player or old hairdryer or something like that would work

    god dammit i wish we had radio shack in the uk

    Me too. Next best thing is Maplin for high street components, but they are expensive and no where near as common as Radioshack. My nearest is brighton, 13 miles away. a 20 min train journey to buy a resistor, not gunna happen.

    lol yea maplins is a bloody rip-off, i just get what i need from my DT department at lunch break when there's no-one around, not a very big choice though, switches, leds, and motors nothing special.

    Is there any easier way to cut the cd? because every time i tried, it kept fracturing, making that blade worthless.

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    u can use a scicors....just use a sharp one....blunt ones make the CD crack

    get someone to blow on it with a WARM NOT HOT hair dryer and cut it with scissors or watevr youve got....