Picture of USB Cooler

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Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
motor, (port USB = max. 2,5W !) 2 Cd, USB cable, papier or plastic tube

Step 2: Windmill

Picture of Windmill
_mini-wmplayer 2007-10-22 20-12-36-76.jpg
_mini-wmplayer 2007-10-22 20-12-44-45.jpg
_mini-wmplayer 2007-10-22 20-12-49-20.jpg
_mini-wmplayer 2007-10-22 20-12-58-64.jpg
Cut and form CD or DVD

Step 3: Cable

Picture of Cable
_mini-wmplayer 2007-10-22 20-13-05-84.jpg
Prepare USB cable, leav: red and black

Step 4: Folding

Picture of Folding
_mini-wmplayer 2007-10-22 20-13-32-68.jpg

Step 5: Finish

Picture of Finish
S51145 years ago
What's the orange thing in the 2nd pic.?