Picture of USB Cooling Fan (from a broken drive)
ventola_0007 002_0001.jpg
An easy step to step Tutorial explaining how you can build an "USB Cooling Fan" for your notebook/desktop/whatever from an old or broken cd-rom drive. Enjoy.

You can follow that Instructable or just watch the video version:

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Step 1: Dismantle the drive

Picture of Dismantle the drive
ventola_0007 007_0001.jpg
ventola_0007 008_0001.jpg
ventola_0007 008_0001b.jpg
ventola_0007 008_0001c.jpg
ventola_0007 008_0001d.jpg
Dismantle the (broken) cd/dvd player. You'll find a lot of interesting parts (e.g. the lens), but in this tutorial we need just one of the motors (usually are 2, and the damage is somewhere else, so they works). Take it out.

NOTE: every drive is different "inside", so it's a bit useless show you where is located. But you can see the picture to know what you are looking for.

Step 2: Making of the blades

Picture of making of the blades
ventola_0007 009_0001.jpg
ventola_0007 009_0001b.jpg
ventola_0007 009_0001c.jpg
ventola_0007 009_0001d.jpg
Take the empty package and get out the transparent cd.
Mark 8 identical cloves on the "cd", then cut them with a cutter.

Step 3: Mount the blades

Mark the cork where you'll put the blades.
Make a small hole in the bottom. Cut off 1/3 in height and hack enough space for the blades.
Insert the blades (4 or 8) and secure them with super-glue. Let it dry :)

Step 4: Prepare the usb cable

Picture of prepare the usb cable
ventola_0007 009_0001m.jpg
ventola_0007 009_0001n.jpg
ventola_0007 009_0001o.jpg
Take the usb cable and cut it to the desired lenght, then peel it out leaving only the RED and the BLACK wires (isolate the other 2).

Step 5: Insert the wires into the sheath

Picture of insert the wires into the sheath
ventola_0007 009_0001q.jpg
ventola_0007 011_0001.jpg
ventola_0007 012_0001.jpg
cut 3 iron wires as long as the cable
tie the wires (3 irons +2 from the usb) to a longer iron wire threaded in the sheath.
Pull the longer iron wire from the other side of the sheath, in order to make slip inside all the wires.

Step 6: Fix the motor

Picture of fix the motor
ventola_0007 012_0001b.jpg
ventola_0007 013_0001.jpg
Fix the motor to the cable and solder the usb wires. Isolate all with tape.

Step 7: Fix the cork to the motor

Picture of fix the cork to the motor
ventola_0007 014_0001b.jpg
Glue the motor to the cork and let it dry.

Step 8: Test it..!

Picture of test it..!
ventola_0007 015_0001.jpg
Test it... IT WORKS!

you can watch a video clip showing this cool Usb Fan here:

NOTE: thank to the iron wires, you can model the cable to any shape ;)

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rrubera3 years ago
This is a really a nice fan and really want to make one! But the thing is when i dismantled the CD ROM (got it from my old Pentium 3 PC) i couldn't find the motor (similar to the image shown here). I removed everything I COULD. Below are 2 photos of both side of my CD ROM. Hope someone can help me with finding the motor....

here you go !they were different in size.

agis681 year ago
cheap and easy. Cool too!!!
Minifig6665 years ago
Cool. I have an idea to combine a USB fan into a laptop stand to cool the RAM 'cos mine doesn't have a fan and it keeps overheating and shutting it off.
RAM doesn't normally have a fan. The processor is what usually causes over heating. Almost definitely your processor already has a fan. You probably just need to clean the fan that's cooling your processor. If it gets caked with dust, it will be less efficient at moving air, thus less efficient at cooling your processor.
divudi24 years ago
nice fan,
but add some more guide on fan blade making and shaping ..
riverreaper4 years ago
my laptop pooped so i had the swisscooling table laying around , after looking at it for months our heatwave hit i took the swisscooling table apart lined both fans up sameblowing direction taped them together then taped it to the back of desktop computer about half an inch way from its fan an usen a toothpick atached at the bace itsabout inch an 1/2 away , seening it alread had usb plug with on off switch it works well at adding cooling to the desktop durrning our heat wave.
kbishop5 years ago
Cool t-shirt, mate!
ellogan6 years ago
Ok, but, what if i want to do it bigger? can i give power trough 2 usb conections? how can i measure the energy it is using? thanks!
Try a digital mutimeter to measure the voltage and current, but I would be causious of wireing two USB ports together, could damage the computer. You may just want to run it off a battery, then you could add more power without frying your hard-drive.
rravenn5 years ago
where do it solder the red wire and the black wire? and will i see any positive or negative in the motor? by the way nice work...
Touch the red and black wires to the motor and make sure it blows at you, then solder them that way round.
That one is out of balance :)
stains115 years ago
wee_man5 years ago
hehe nice im gna make one. One thing though becareful if you have little kids around.
Nice instructable!! Really clear great pictures!! Even nicer T shirt!!!
Mr_lonely6 years ago
is any possibility to make it work with batteries
Yes it will work REALLY well with 4 AA batteries just instead of having a usb on the end have a battery pack...
darknight066 years ago
red wire to the red black to the black one =)
i made it it seems good now
thanx for the idea maybe it will work for me @summer

Derin6 years ago
no im not
so i only use the red and black wire?
Kulawend6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Just blow it across the keyboard. I usually blow mine at the back of the keyboard since that's where the exhaust comes out. Keeping that hinge area cool will help cool down everything else as well. Plus the breeze feels nice on my fingers.
Kulawend6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
internal fans in desktops are almost always 12 volts. The power coming from a USB port is 5 volts, so you would be under powering that fan, thus not getting that much movement at all. If you have an old laptop laying around, the cooling fans from those are also usually 5 volts so you could put those to work!
casey321b6 years ago
you could use a w ire hanger. id ont know if its iron but it still bends nicely
dardy_76 years ago
That's genius using the iron wires as a movable stand, kudos to you!
scorpionsf7 years ago
Great Instructable. I made one from an old scsi cd drive I was going to throw out. I made my blades rounded though, didn't like the idea of sharp cornered blades whirling around on my desk.
this a great instructable....I made one lost night in about 5 mins...without the aesthetic side of it complete just the working circuit... but I like this project...I'm going try find new and cool things to use usb power for that can benefit mankind.(I sound so scientific - for want of a better word - when I say that
babyboi5127 years ago
this motor u can get from a playstation controller or batteri operated cars and similar things good fing tho!
u can simply add a switch too, so u dont have to disconnet the usb when you want to turn it off:D simply add it in series near the usb cable..
ichipoodle7 years ago
Great Instructable! i wonder, now that it's winter time, how would i make a heater? like one of those ceramic fixed fan heaters?
Congrats in making the top 5!
cool, awesome family guy shirt :-)
zorro33557 years ago
takin out a cd drive for a mortor is too much of a waste!u could buy a mortor for aas little as 50 cent!
BlindSight (author)  zorro33557 years ago
I agree with you. Dismantle a working cd drive just for the motor is a real waste, but if the above-mentioned cd drive is going to the trash bin ..I think is better to recycle something than recycle nothing of it :) Thank You zorro3355 for your feedback!
Doctor What7 years ago
Great Instructable!!! Just an idea, instead of a fan, an led would make a flexlight. They have 'em on thinkgeek for like ten bux.
You can buy them at the dollar store for 2 bucks !
I thought that a dollar store meant that everything was a dollar, not more.
well theirs buck or two and the dollar store and their prices are both more than a dollar but theirs a place called dollarama where things are a dollar
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