Les presento mi Obra Ecolombiana  : "Libelulamp. Una Lampara que funciona conectada a cualquier Puerto USB.
Sirvio de inspiracion las libelulas que Circundan Nuestros rios y Lagunas Colombianas.

I Give you Libelulamp.

Step 1: Smashing Pumpthings.

I´ve told you before that I got no time...? Well i took my sledge hammer and break some electronic stuff...I hope something good will arise of all this mess,
What I´ve found? some electronic parts of an old mouse Cooper wire...lets have fun.
I like your way of thinking: break it, then try to make something out of it! Que luminaria mas linda!
Thnk U so much, In fact I had a lot of broken stuff in my garage, my wife dont like that way of thinking...but anyway she likes when something good came out of that mess.
I love it :o i wanna try some day out
where the heck do u go to vote on this?? Thank u
Hi there Would u pls vote for my entry ...?<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Belt-No-sew/<br>thnks
Ohhh...I know . The voting starts on July 5...by now you just have to rate it with the stars that you want preferly 5 stars .Thanks for the coment.
A beautiful work of art. I admire your creativity, especially for the wings and the LED case. But soldering to an existing USB flash drive = brilliant. I'm going to try to replicate your work!
Would you pls vote for me in the USB contest...?thnx
Done! I'm in a rush right now, so I wasn't able to find out: do you know how many entries we can vote for? Is it only one? Good luck to you.
Hi there Would u pls vote for my entry ...?<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Belt-No-sew/<br>thnks
Yeap...only one...thnk u so much ...Hope i can do the same for you in the future...tlkn about rush ..me too...
THnk u so much...I`m so glad you like it...Hey ...BTW...would you please vote and rate my usb Contest project...USB Dragonfly steampunk Lamp...Hope u like it...
I&acute;m with you man...I love that kind of cheapo projects...good luck in the contest you deserve it...
incredible! Bravo! Now I have to make one! betcha it will take more than 6 hours geo
Hi there Would u pls vote for my entry ...?<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Belt-No-sew/<br>thnks
Thnks...U are right... patience is not one of my virtuess...BTW check it out my new projects by the flashlight contest...gimme a hand...see ya
Loved the dragonfly! Especially the wings are beautiful! But to tell you the truth, the base would be much better without the CD spindle... The gears probably have enough weight to support the lamp. Somehow this plastic container underneath spoils the beauty of it.
What do you think about this new Base?...better or Not...your comment open my eyes and I try to better things up.
Oh, much much better! The one with the gears gave a somewhat industrial feel to the lamp, but this is more elegant and gives a steampunkish look to the whole project!<br><br>Excellent work :D
Hi there Would u pls vote for my entry ...?<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Belt-No-sew/<br>thnks
thnk u so so much...BTW would you pls vote for my entries and rated,,,I&acute;ll do the same 4 U
I&acute;m working on it...thnk u so much your coment...BTW would you pls vote in the summer contest ...I will thnk u so much
Yeahhh...Yeahhh, Maracuyeahhh...i&acute;m a Finalist....wheeeew...time to celebrate...thank u so much u guys...u gimme a lot of fun and a lot of insomnia too...
Good luck to every one...Time to Vote...BTW...awesome entries...
Very nice!
Gracias...por ahora esperar al 5 de Julio para votar..y seguir crando. Un abrazo.Chauuuu..
Muy natural, una figura muy bella.
Gracias Lilitoon preciosa...Muaaakkks...
Awesome!! GREAT JOB!! VERY cool!

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