Step 4: Wrap the usb drive

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Next you want to wrap the usb drive in plumbers tape to make it water proof. When you are done you'll have a nice little covering.
jerkey4 years ago
teflon tape is used by plumbers because it reduces friction during the tightening of tapered threaded fittings, known as NPT thread. Friction while tightening pipes can cause problems at the other end of the pipe and cause you to stop tightening before a seal is made with the threads. There is nothing particularly watertight about teflon tape. In fact, electrical tape would be better because it has adhesive to make a real seal. There are tapes out there made for RF engineers who put connectors on cables outdoors, and these tapes contain a gooey adhesive which really oozes out and makes a seal. This could be important because proper cement uses a metal corrosion chemistry to harden. blah blah blah i like the idea of USB dead drops.
jj.inc jerkey3 years ago
Teflon tape and paste is water/airtight, I have built multiple air cannons, and other things with pipe fittings and whenever I forget to put tape on the threads the thing will leak, the Teflon tape is a nice cheap, and thin way to do this, it also kinda streches around the drive more closely.
it will over heat find another way this wont work.....
i would think the larger heat shrink tubing would work well. am i wrong?
imbignate4 years ago
Isn't overheating an issue when you're wrapping something like this?
drakesword4 years ago
Couldnt you also use electrical tape? I would think the Mu value of electrical tape would be slightly higher then teflon
better yet, just use some fairly viscous 2-part epoxy. Waterproofs and increases strength.
Aerospaced4 years ago
We use a substance called "Potting Material" to protect components from moisture. They are much more effective than tape.
There are many different types and some are quite simple.
2 part epoxies are cheap and easy to use.
Silicone caulk is a bit messy, but just as cheap.
Conformal Coat is expensive, but effective.
Fiberglass resin is also used to protect components from moisture.
Any of the above will protect the board from moisture intrusion.
These would be a great addition to Geo caches!