Step 5: Prepare your drop point

Picture of Prepare your drop point
Next you want to prepare your drop point. If need be you can use a drill and masonry bit to drill out enough space to fit your usb drive.

Once the hole it made place the usb drive in to see if it fits.
kjones52 years ago
As a (formerly avid) geocacher, I've dealt with property owners' rights concerning placing geocaches. Caches are very temporary by nature. These deaddrops are very permanent. If I were a property owner who had my property defaced in such a manner I'd probably make destroying every deaddrop I could find a hobby. It wouldn't be too hard either. Considering each deaddrop is open to the public, a single wallop of a small hammer or other convenient object would make any deaddrop, well, dead.

I think I'd find a way to place a deaddrop without defacing property and with a way to replace a thumbdrive if it went bad. Otherwise, I see this as a bad idea.
What kind of drill are you using I only have a 9.6v cordless drill and you don't show much about what kind of drill your using so it would be nice to know.
kaoticsnow4 years ago
Or you could just look for buildings that already have holes, for exampe and older brick building where the mortar may be giving out.
sparkchaser4 years ago
I wouldn't recommend drilling a hole in a random building. Besides the possibility of breaking the law, you don't know if there might be a gas/water pipeline or electrical wiring on the other side. Better to play it safe and stick to your own buildings so you can verify the blueprint first.
zSPNKrz4 years ago
Question: Is it legal to randomly drill a hole on the side of a public building?