I sometimes worry about losing my dog. Even though he's microchipped and I keep a good eye on him, you never know, right? So I decided to add a little extra piece of ID just to give me piece of mind, if nothing else.

What you'll need:

-A computer with a word processing program
-An old USB drive (weatherproof is preferable)

I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of this idea, but I figured I might as well post a quick Instructable on it. Here's what I did:

Create a new Word file with the name of your pet and fill in all of their basic info. The info I included was his name, breed, colour, eye colour, age, microchip number, and the fact that he is vaccinated against rabies.

Then add your basic personal information:

I put my first and last name, contact number, email address and home address. If you're uncomfortable leaving your home telephone number and address, you could always use your work address and number instead.

Then just PDF it and throw it on your old USB drive and clip it onto your dog's collar. That's all there is to it!
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imperio11 months ago


In Italy they call "carta di identità"!

ctx1985 (author)  imperio11 months ago

Thanks! I learned something new today :)

MrsKitty11 months ago

I love this idea! We have a fenced yard and he's mostly in the house anyway, but when he gets out, (he pushes around me at the gate) he runs the neighborhood! At least I'd know the info was attached to him!!! Thanks!

ctx1985 (author)  MrsKitty11 months ago

No problem! Yeah it's good just for some piece of mind :)

Marianneg11 months ago
Great idea ! Cute pup too.
ctx1985 (author)  Marianneg11 months ago

Thanks so much! :)

brynjimmy11 months ago
That's a great idea I will do it to my dog
ctx1985 (author)  brynjimmy11 months ago


emeres9 months ago

Why not add a picture of the dog to the pdf file and write the same info in plain txt file? In case of damage to the usb, it would be easier to recover. Max is adorable.

ctx1985 (author)  emeres9 months ago

That's a really good idea! Thanks :)

SkiGeek 10 months ago

When I first saw this article I immediately thought of some website I used ages ago that you placed a executable on your USB called autorun, readme, or passwords (the software is meant to help you find stolen USB devices) and the executable would make a call out to a website and report its general location. Thought it would be perfect for something like this. Well unfortunately they stopped provided services for USB devices. The website was (convenient name) but if you could find something similar it would work great for you.

ctx1985 (author)  SkiGeek 10 months ago

Oh wow that would be great if they still provided that service! Too bad they don't do that anymore. It sounds like it would be perfect for tracking lost pups. Thanks for the comment :)

superstar7510 months ago
Great idea =)
ctx1985 (author)  superstar7510 months ago

Thanks :)

Gerald200911 months ago

Max is beautiful, he looks like a Swiss Shepherd - I used to breed with them years ago. Any how, a brilliant idea :)

ctx1985 (author)  Gerald200911 months ago

Thanks so much! I love him. He's such a good dog :). He very well could be a Swiss Shepherd mix. When I adopted him, I saw his mother; she was definitely a purebred German Shepherd, and the owner told me that the father was a Husky, but I never actually saw him.

shantinath100011 months ago

We just got a GSD pup and I will be doing this for sure! thanks for the great idea.

ctx1985 (author)  shantinath100011 months ago

No problem! Glad I could help :)

xvicente11 months ago

I'd be interested in, but can't think how right now, do this with a bird

ctx1985 (author)  xvicente11 months ago

Maybe something like this:

It's pretty small and looks really light as well, since it's made out of plastic.

xvicente ctx198511 months ago
qewt xvicente11 months ago

You could use a memory chip for a camera. Those are a lot smaller. No idea about how to attach it to your bird though. If you come up with something I'd be much interested!
I've two linnies, one of them was a fly-in. I couldn't trace the owner and ended up owning my first bird ever. He's such a joy, my Ludwig :)

qewt11 months ago

<3 love your dog, he's a handsome fella!

ctx1985 (author)  qewt11 months ago

Thanks! He knows it too ;)

EvilRSA11 months ago

I would highly recommend the use of some sort of Spring clasp like these..

The last thing you want is for someone to find your lost pet, and remove their collar to access the USB drive, because it was easier than removing the drive from their collar while they where wearing it. If they get lost again while their collar is sitting on someones desk they stand a much less of a chance of being ID'ed. Granted Max is chipped, but how many people take a found animal to the vets to see if maybe they're chipped, rather then post some flyers and maybe a craigslist listing.

ctx1985 (author)  EvilRSA11 months ago
That's a great idea to use one of those clasps. You're absolutely right, I've actually known people that have found a lost pup and the first thing they do is take off the collar to check the tags. Great idea! Thanks for your input :)
wheeled_wonder11 months ago

Max is a beautiful dog. Great idea too!

ctx1985 (author)  wheeled_wonder11 months ago

Thanks so much! He's a great dog :)

chrisnotap11 months ago

Instead of age, put in the birth date then you won't have to update the stick yearly. Good ible.

ctx1985 (author)  chrisnotap11 months ago

That's a great idea! Haha totally didn't think of that. Thanks! :)

embeddedmicro11 months ago

I think you could take any of the raw pcb or pcb on metal sticks then encapsulate in potting compound or con-formal coat everything except the business end.

There are "Dog Tag" usb's.

ctx1985 (author)  embeddedmicro11 months ago

That's a great idea! Would be very durable as well. Great suggestion!

bigpig11 months ago

Max is a handsome lad!

ctx1985 (author)  bigpig11 months ago

Haha thanks! :)

jakwagenaar11 months ago

Awesome idea, but for one thing: Nimrod, my dog, is computer illiterate! He did chew up a cordless mouse once, but that crash course did not help him much.

ctx1985 (author)  jakwagenaar11 months ago

Haha awww poor little Nimrod. Sounds like an awesome dog :)

billhorvath11 months ago

This is a creative idea, and might help you get your dog back one day. However, I'd respectfully submit that if you find a USB drive of unknown origin (particularly if you use a Windows box), you should be very trepidatious about plugging it in. Even well-intentioned individuals like yourself can spread computer viruses and malware this way.

ctx1985 (author)  billhorvath11 months ago

Thanks! Yeah you're definitely right. I'm sure some people would be wary about plugging an unknown USB into their computer.

billhorvath11 months ago

Side note Chris: You might want to blur out the personal information in your screenshots, if you're concerned about that sort of thing.

ctx1985 (author)  billhorvath11 months ago

Thanks for your concern, but basically all of my personal info on there is old.

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