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Introduction: USB Dog Identification

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I sometimes worry about losing my dog. Even though he's microchipped and I keep a good eye on him, you never know, right? So I decided to add a little extra piece of ID just to give me piece of mind, if nothing else.

What you'll need:

-A computer with a word processing program
-An old USB drive (weatherproof is preferable)

I'm sure I'm not the first one to think of this idea, but I figured I might as well post a quick Instructable on it. Here's what I did:

Create a new Word file with the name of your pet and fill in all of their basic info. The info I included was his name, breed, colour, eye colour, age, microchip number, and the fact that he is vaccinated against rabies.

Then add your basic personal information:

I put my first and last name, contact number, email address and home address. If you're uncomfortable leaving your home telephone number and address, you could always use your work address and number instead.

Then just PDF it and throw it on your old USB drive and clip it onto your dog's collar. That's all there is to it!



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    I love this idea! We have a fenced yard and he's mostly in the house anyway, but when he gets out, (he pushes around me at the gate) he runs the neighborhood! At least I'd know the info was attached to him!!! Thanks!

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    That's a great idea. I have three dogs and they have chips but i will defo do this as well. You have a great looking dog he looks very intelligent.

    Why not add a picture of the dog to the pdf file and write the same info in plain txt file? In case of damage to the usb, it would be easier to recover. Max is adorable.

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    When I first saw this article I immediately thought of some website I used ages ago that you placed a executable on your USB called autorun, readme, or passwords (the software is meant to help you find stolen USB devices) and the executable would make a call out to a website and report its general location. Thought it would be perfect for something like this. Well unfortunately they stopped provided services for USB devices. The website was (convenient name) but if you could find something similar it would work great for you.

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    Oh wow that would be great if they still provided that service! Too bad they don't do that anymore. It sounds like it would be perfect for tracking lost pups. Thanks for the comment :)

    Max is beautiful, he looks like a Swiss Shepherd - I used to breed with them years ago. Any how, a brilliant idea :)

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    Thanks so much! I love him. He's such a good dog :). He very well could be a Swiss Shepherd mix. When I adopted him, I saw his mother; she was definitely a purebred German Shepherd, and the owner told me that the father was a Husky, but I never actually saw him.

    I'd be interested in, but can't think how right now, do this with a bird