USB Dog Tags





Introduction: USB Dog Tags

Do you have a dog and your to lazy to buy those store bought laser etched dog tags? Well here is the Instructable for you. A set USB dog tags that have your phone # address all you have to do is plug it in and you got your info

Step 1: Materials


A pet

A computer

Step 2: Setup

First plug your USB into the computer and open it and create a new folder and name whatever you want but I named it my phone number


Now you can put it on your dogs or what ever you have caller and now your done. So when ever your dog runs away you have a plan to get him back



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    Well... what about when it rains and your dog is wearing a USB flash drive? Water + electronics = no good. that cap ain't gonna stop the water either.

    thats only if it gets enough water to corrode it. as long as you don't plug it in while it's wet, it should be fine

    have accidently washed usb drives before never killed one by getting it wet most of the cheap ones would supprise you just an usb conector all the circuttry is encapsolated in the connector

    Thanks for the feed back I will make some changes and post a revised Instructable in a little

    We order tags off eBay. Cheap and easy.

    This (the isn tag) is an interesting idea, but it makes more work for the "dog finder". Also, if they're outside with your dog and they've only got a cellphone handy...well, you get the idea.

    Apologies for my negativity. This is a novel idea.

    I still think the laser etched tag is cheaper & more reliable. Back it up with a microchip in case the collar is lost. Even if a dog is deliberately kept by someone, a vet will scan the chip and contact you.

    i like this idea a lot. its not perfect, but its better than others, and it shows the owner cares.