Picture of USB Drive Heart
The USB Drive Heart is exactly what it sounds like. My original idea was to recreate a conversation heart, but as usual my execution turns out something different than I had planned. The design details are not set in stone (rather plaster), so this project can be modified for different styles of hears or anything for that matter.

As for what you put in your USB drive, that is up to you. For me, it is a gift for my girlfriend, so I compiled all of our photos together (we are into photography). You could put music for a MP3 "mix tape" or maybe a series of photos to simulate a treasure hunt. The idea is to be creative.
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

Here are the materials:

-USB drive of any size
-plaster of paris
-food coloring
-card stock paper
-masking tape


-exacto knife
-stirring utensil
-sand paper

Step 2: Make the Mold

I do not profess to be a master of plaster, so let me get that out there first. I made my heart-shaped mold out of a manila folder and masking tape. I am not going to go through the whole process because it is pretty simple and can be done a couple different ways. I cut out a strip of the folder and taped it up in the shape of a heart on the rest of the folder. Don't forget to cut a hole for the USB drive.

If I changed anything, I wouldn't have used paper as a mold, but the paper mold did work well enough and took no-time to build.
MilotisX7 years ago
Danielfish7 years ago
How heavy is it/easy to plug in? Is there a danger of overheating? I plan to make one anyway, as it is an awesome present. Especially if the stuff it has on it is good too! I might try to stick the stick bit out the point of the heart, but I'm unsure. Canida might find some symbolism about it being incomplete, pointless love, or something. Great idea and instructable!
quicumque (author)  Danielfish7 years ago
That sounds sweet, I'm glad you could improve on my design.
quicumque (author)  Danielfish7 years ago
You have to use a USB extension cord unless you want to hold the heart the entire time it's plugged in. You won't need to worry about overheating, though, it's not a very energy intensive device.
I made one, and it was awesome. I used a heart-shaped baking mould and painted it using oil paints in a cool red/orange sunburst type thing. Then coated it in clear nail varnish. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. That, and the crap I put on it, made it an amazing gift. I made it only slightly thicker than the memory stick, and put the bit you plug in at the tip, so it can fit into most usb ports. Thanks!
Crysthala7 years ago
Wow... if someone gave one of these to me I'd probably cry. Great idea. :)
canida8 years ago
Cool! Perhaps a bit bulky for a USB drive, but the plaster is definitely a neat way to go. It certainly got me thinking of other things I could embed.
quicumque (author)  canida8 years ago
The bulk is kind of the point. It's the idea that your affection weighs something (I think things through all little too much sometimes).
As in, "with a heavy heart"? ;)
HAL 9000 canida8 years ago
Canida that must be a quote from something... mind filling us curious people in?
canida HAL 90008 years ago
Nothing specific, unfortunately- it's just a common phrasing. The smiley was due to the negative connotation, which quicumque presumably doesn't want associated with affection.