Step 9: Make Folds and Stitch Down

Bend vinyl so that letter B now touches corresponding letter A. Pin or clip folds down at top and bottom.

The A line on the fabric and vinyl is probably covered, so use the edge of the quarter inch ribbon as your A line.

It is not as important that the top B meets A because this is the top of the pocket and it will not be sewn down.

The top pocket has only a tiny fold so it difficult to pin down. Just force it and do not worry if it is not perfect.

Sew bottom of pocket down using 1/4 inch seam. Paper helps here too.
<p>very nice</p>
I like this idea, and will get to making it sometime soon since we now have far too many electronic devices and cords
there is a much easier way -- i made something like this made of cardboard a couple of years ago. you need a lot of ?curguated? cardboard, glue, a usb cable, and something to mount everything make a base and build a small cardboard house-like thing with shelves. cut open a usb wire and use the red and black wires as the general power you will need a lot more wire to distribute the power among the devices inside the house i will see if i can find a pic of mine-- which was a really cool all in one organizer for my wallet, ipod, cell phone, keys, some cash, business cards, change, ect.
Yeah this was pretty complicated but I really wanted to win the computerized sewing machine contest. I worked really hard and I thought it was the perfect combination of sewing and electronics but alas...I don't think the judges even gave it a second glance.
sorry to hear that but i dont think mine had any sewing involved mostly cardboard, glue and nails
whoa. i want one. my sister also had brain surgery. good to hear you're doing well! and from what i can see, you're creative side is still booming like my sister ahaha. you <em>inspire</em> me :-) hehe<br/>
So here's a question.... what source is that and where did you get it?
I am not sure what you mean by source?
Hah, sorry. I mean source code. The lettering on that backing.
And more importantly, does it still compile after all this... refactoring?
I bought that fabric at my local quilt store. I don't remember the brand but I bought what they had left because it looked like the perfect fabric for a project that combined sewing and technology.
This is pretty cool.
Thank you. My friends all want me to make them one. If you make one, can you send me a picture?
that's a great idea, but would be easier to buy one of those cheap plastic shoe organizer and personalize it.
Yes, we can find shoe organizers with clear pockets. But yes, your works is remarkable ;)
Thank you kindly!
Thank you for your observation. I did think of that but those shoe holders are large and cumbersome and not really designed to be on permanent display. Do they come with clear pockets? I am hoping my design is just small and attractive enough to be placed somewhere visible and also convenient. The pocket size can be adjusted to your own personal devices and needs. It is also quite strong, not cheap, and handmade.
This is amazing! I can never find all these things when I am looking for them, especially the chargers for each item. If my time was billable, this would save thousands of dollars that I would no longer have to search!!! Thank you for such a great idea Aly!!!
Thanks so much! Necessity is the mother of invention. Thousands of dollars? Wow! Maybe I should charge more for it.
I think this is a very useful organizer and the instructions for assembly were very clear (no pun intended). Judy Johsnon
Thanks so much! I guess it is the teacher in me. My NoSew version is even easier to make and I am still working on the Instructable.
Hmmm...seems like it'd be easy to add power & cord management too. That way you could charge the items too.
I totally thought of that after I posted the directions. This was my first attempt at creating something totally from scratch and then trying to write the directions. I will keep working on it.

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