Introduction: USB Fan

This is how to make your own awesome usb fan.

my first intractable so give suggestions :)

ummm... not liable for shorted out usb ports, broken computers, flying fan blades of doom or anything else people can get sued for :)

overall... don't blow your self up.

Step 1: Supplies


tiny motor (I used a zip zap truck motor yellow one)

nail gun nails (or some flat conductor)

plastic or something flat and NOT a conductor (thats cuttable)

fan blade

soldering iron - solder

hot glue (super glue works better but is a pain to deal with)

switch (optional)

usb port thing

wire cutters

some kind of knife (to cut the plastic)

Step 2: Cut Plastic

First cut the plastic to the shape of a usb port.

I used a flash drive to get the right shape

Step 3: Nails

seperate the nails into 2 groups of 2 nails

cut the nails down to size

Step 4: Glue Glue Glue

hot glue the nails and motor to the plastic

(optional) glue the switch to the side of the motor.

note you probably shouldn't have the outside metal of the motor hitting the nails.

Step 5: Solder Stuff

solder the- of the motor to the left set of nails

solder the+ of the motor to the right set of nails

(if you are using a switch put the +end of the motor to one side of the switch and the right set of nails to the other side of the switch)

Step 6: Plug It In

attach the fan blade

plug it in and watch it go.



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    I made a usb fan also.

    hi,we produce the mini USB interface 5V mini rechargeable cooling fan for handheld.

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    OHNOES! please don't blow your self up with 5v :o haha. lol, nice guide. i liked this one.

    wow nice.... i will try to make this...... tanx for your instructables.

    It would be smart to add a protective diode to it across the motor terminals so when the motor turns off (or stalls), their isn't a voltage spike.

    Just like every other 13 year old ADD geek...

    Hey that was my first instructable plus a computer power supply has built in safty features to prevent "voltage spikes" and as long as you don't put your finger in the blade then it doesn't stall

    Computer PSU's have protection from mains spikes, not internally. Voltage internally is regulated by a 3.3volt sense line (usually the brown wire). The computer PSU will stop the voltage if it detects that IT is regulating improperly, but has no sense over other inputs. Also, we know not to stick our fingers in it. But do toddlers? Can cats brush up against it unknowingly? I just think it's a safety measure worth the time. A 5-cent piece of hardware compared to a new motherboard/USB driver (depends on how old your computer is...)