In this project, I let you see how you simply can make a USB fan, success!

Step 1: Things You Need

Materials you need for this project:

- FAN (from old computer)

- Piece of cable

- USB connector (or cable, then also use red/black wires)

- Switch

- 2x 3/16 inch screw and bolt

- Shrink tubing

Tools you need:

- Hot Glue gun

- Soldering iron

- Pliers

- Hot air gun

Step 2: Prepare Fan

I used an old 12V DC fan from a scrap computer.

You can also buy them on E-Bay for a few dollars.

Cut out the plug of the fan, then remove the yellow cable.

Yellow cable is used for measuring RPM.

Step 3: Mounting the Screws

I attached the screws to the top to get a proper angle.

By using different lengths you can determine a good angle.

Step 4: Mounting the Switch

Glue the switch on the fan housing with hot glue.

Step 5: Connect Cables to Switch

start with the stripping of the cable.

I used the red and purple wire from a universal cable (when using USB cable you need red and black wire).

Connect the red (+) wire of the fan with the switch.

Connect the red (+) wire of cable with the switch.

Connect black wire from fan with the purple (black USB) wire from cable.

Use shrink tubing to work it off.

Step 6: Connect Cable to USB Plug

Now solder the red cable to the +5V terminal and the purple (black USB) wire to the GND terminal.

Use shrink tubing to work it off.

Step 7: Ready!

USB Fan is now ready!

See the end of the video for testing result!

<p>Cool :)</p><p>I like this thanks :)</p>
I love making these for my office, however there is always one problem.<br>The most output you can get via USB is 5V and the fan works at 12V. So the fan is very very weak.<br><br>Great little build though. :)
<p>Correct, it'll be really weak that way.</p><p>You can buy 5V fans though...</p>
Gute idee!<br>Hatte noch n kleinen step-up converter. Da konnte ich gut via micro USB rein. Jetzt laufen 4 ventilatoren auf 7/8V.
sorry wrong language xD i try to fix it xD

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