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Introduction: USB Fan ,zero Cost

Hi guyz i found an awesome way to make an usb fan from junk
to be frank i haven't spent money on it  so try it out
its portable too im using this on laptop its very useful to me. by adding an battery on it you can carry with you

Parts needed :-shown on below images

this fan is given me unexpected performance ,woh wind is cool and getting over half meter.

Note :-careful while connecting supply ,you should  connect the +ve of motor to +ve of usb cable
            and -ve as same.else it will rotate reverse direction so you wont get wind.



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    I made a usb fan too.

    Could you add more detail? It's a cool idea but you are missing some information such as what do you short the data pins of leave them unconnected? Thanks.

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    Thanks !!
    i just leaved the data pins "ie white and black wire"
    and im planning to add an secret storage by talking out the board from an pendrive and connect to those data pins.

    Good idea. Just be careful with power consumption. If it draws too much power, it might corrupt the data.