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Introduction: USB Flash Diskette

I made this USB flash diskette a couple of months ago after salvaging floppy disks for garbage from our school's computer laboratory. I wasn't really sure what to do with it, but I got a feeling of saving them for later. Maybe I could make a lampshade out of it or just anything if I have free time.

So one morning, while spacing out looking at the clouds outside, desperately accomplishing paper works at the office, I happen to see some of these USB flash drives lying around, waiting to be found. And there I had this idea of trying out USB flash diskette I stumbled upon the previous weeks on CNET, while searching for ways to recycle old technologies.

I just love the idea of integrating old and new technologies the reason why I really wanted to try out this USB flash diskette


1) Floppy Disks / Diskettes - I'm pretty certain you'll be able to find the following in school or establishments even at the office storage room.
2) USB Flash Drive - As much as possible, try to acquire an empty and old USB flash drive that does not contain any important files just to be sure in case you messed it up during the dismantling.
3) Precision Screwdriver Sets - For dismantling the flash drive.
4) Other materials like cutter and electrical tape.

Step 2: WHAT TO DO

Carefully dismantle your USB flash drive until you get the wafer-thin memory circuit.

Step 3: Carefully Detach the Floppy Disk Cover.

Remove the spring holding the black part of the diskette covering the thin and flexible magnetic storage.

Step 4: Cut the Back Cover of the Floppy.

This is optional. If you can find a flash drive that could fit into the floppy disk, you may skip this step and proceed to securing the USB flash drive in place.

Step 5: Secure the USB Flash Drive in Floppy Using Electrical Tape.

Step 6: Cover the Floppy.

Make sure you hear the clicking sound when putting the floppy disk together.

Step 7: Test Your New USB Flash Diskette!



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Awesome! Now my 'domestic' USB drives stay in floppies and the portable HDDs in their readers! Now I have to make a dock out of a dead lapto'saur... but NOBODY WILL TOUCH MY FIRST PC!

It's message from Taiwan.

Your idea is really cool, I will try it by myself!

High, I do like this idea, it is a very nice alternative to surprise any old fashioned computer users.(i am nearly 57 of age and working on pc's since 1982 and i do know old floppys with 360 KB)
Such a thing with 128 GB should be uncreadeble!
Please post more of those fantastic ideas!

I'm STILL laughing at this fun one!!

looks good and then those drives will not "disappear" and found when not needed anymore! Looks like my "Junk boxes" I mean storeroom of VERY old things! I have lying arounf there discreet memory banks .Something like 10K on a card the size of a laptop.

can the USB read from the magnetic tape of the floppy disk?

Only if it was recorded when it was apart!

can the USB read from the magnetic tape of the floppy disk?