In many places (mostly schools), iPods are not allowed (or at least you can't use them). But you can have a flash drive. So me, being the rebellious type I am, decided to trick them. I wanted it to look like I had an iPod, but in reality it was a flash drive. So, here's how I did it and how you can do it too.

Step 1: Materials

- Ipod Shuffle (1st generation)
- Flash Drive
- Styrofoam

- Glue
- Utility Knife
- Kitchen Knife
- Small Paintbrush
512 MB! plenty for school( no (CENSORED))
iPod Shuffle of that generation already functions as a flash drive if set to do so...
Right. This shuffle was dead though, so I just used the case.
It was a dead Shuffle? It could already be used as a flash drive if working.
It was dead, so I just used the case.

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