Step 2: Preparing the Flashdrive

     To first prepare the flashdrive you must strip away the case of the USB so that there is nothing left but the chip and the port (picture 1). Now hot glue tic tacs covering the backside of the chip (picture 2). Leave this part alone while we prepare the box.
<p>why would anyone want to do this it looks ridiculous and a complete waste of time and energy</p>
That's creative! I shall try!
Try rewiring it so the drive it in the bottom, and the drive is on the inside of the lid flap and then make it a woking tic tac container also
It's not exactly disguised if the flash drive is sticking out of the top so obviously. Try re-configuring it with some kind of slide mechanism or something. Otherwise, it's great.
Agreed. I was thinking more about the disguise when the flash drive is in the computer.

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