USB Flashlight





Introduction: USB Flashlight

Step 1: Casing

Cut 10 cm. tube, 3 cm width.

Step 2: Cap

Find bootle cap, make hole and mount bulb, - (port USB ! Max. 2,5W !!! )

Step 3: Glass and Lid

Make front Glass and back lid, use old cd or dvd

Step 4: Cable

Mount bulb with cable, like this.

Step 5: USB Cable

Prepare USB cable, red and black

Step 6: Back Lid

Make back lid and cable knot

Step 7: Folding

Fold all together

Step 8: Visual Effect

Paint your USB Flashlight

Step 9: The End

All right with my computer ??, probably yes, the windmill goes round ; )



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    Great instructable! Need this one for sure, sucks having no batteries when you need them and trying to use the useless phone flashlight.

    i specially made a table for my computer :p i don't use any cases :) all stuff are fixed in the table on a piece of plexiglass :) i haven't got any problem so far ^^

    nice but should you computer be on when you open it?

    Lol ive built alot of computers with no covers one in a 70mm Ammo case alot of them i never did shut down but to reboot

    I usually leave mine open when it's on. Better air flow. As long as you don't let your pets or small children it's pretty safe.

    my cat used sleep in my dads computer. Nothing happened to my cat or my dads computer

    But maybe you're cat just came in from outside where it was rainy, or just got done licking itself, or it might have a little metal shaving caught on it's fur. It get's in your computer and next thing you know, you've got a doorstop.

    my computer never had a cover on it


    That is an awesome flashlight! You should enter it in the usb contest!