Introduction: USB Gold Chain W/ 50 Caliber Crystal Bullet Piece

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An idea I had in 2014. I actually complete most of my sketched out ideas... it just takes some time //few more to come from the same journal!

To make this exact one:

+ 50caliber round
+ Smokey quartz //1 side terminated
+ USB "gold chain" //Otium USB Type C Cable 3ft Braided Cable
+ Female USB port
+ Wire

+ Drill Press // w. drill bits (duh)
+ Soldering Iron
+ Pliers
+ Microfile

Step 1: Make the Crystal Bullet Piece!

Picture of Make the Crystal Bullet Piece!

1. Measure out how far you want the Crystal to be sticking out as the bullet
1.5. GOOP it up! giving it about a day to really set
2. Using a drill press or a drill with a good vice, drill the hole! making sure to use a drill bit big enough to fit the small end of the USB
3. Ta-Da!/Microfile it out

//You can also do it the other way around *shrugs*

Step 2: Make the "Chain Clasp"

Picture of Make the "Chain Clasp"

1. I took my female USB port from an old China iPhone power brick

2. Using a Soldering Iron, get that component outta there! //We're gonna use it again in just a bit, so don't unplug it.

3. I wanted to use the plastic piece to have everything fit nicely, but it came off the more I Dremmeled into it :x

4. Measure out about 3 inches and wind it around one of the crimps on the USB port component //We'll be more accurate and cut it later

Step 3: Finish Up That CLASP!

Picture of Finish Up That CLASP!

1. Na-na-na-na-na Solder Time!
2. Remember: Iron first, THEN Solder //come on seriously guys, none of that wiping stuff.
3. Measure it off and tighten! //Pliers are your friend :D
4. Yes, I am shoving the Type-C port into the A (Micro is possible, not sure about Mini)
5. As you can notice, there is a small bump to fit the whole Type-C port in... if you think of a better way to fit it in, let me know! ;D

Step 4: Yessss!

Picture of Yessss!

1. There is some wear on the "chain" and some fraying from the Bullet Piece moving around //Was thinking of using a quick set plastic playdough around the rim of the through-holes. Also will be dusting it with some gold spray paint soon enough ;)

2. Pretty comfortable actually.

3. In action, using it now to write this Instructable actually.

4. People love it, then they get blown away by the USB feature ;D

Hope you enjoyed this!
Bless up!

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