A simple usb hand light which is operated very less than 5 volts

Step 1: Step 1: Materials Required

A old usb cable

A 100 ohm resistor

A led

Step 2: Step 2: Construction and Working

A usb has 4 pin out

1 +5v(supply)

2 data in

3 data out

4 ground (0v)

neglect pin 2 and 3

Step 3: SOLdering

solder a 100 ohm resistor to a +5 v pin (supply pin)

connect a small wire to ground pin

neglect data pins

solder a positive side of led to other side 100 ohm resistor

negative side of led to ground

A simple usb hand light is done

<p>good thought! awesome</p>
<p>Nice diy USB light.</p>

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