Introduction: How to Make Your Own USB Hub at Home

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In this instructable i will explain you how to make your own USB Hub at home. We can never have enough USB ports on our desktops or laptops to fit all of our devices. Even though recent computers comes with a generous amount of ports we still find ourselves wishing for more. There are solutions available, most hubs allow users to connect up to four USB devices.

Check out this homemade USB hub that can connect up to 4 other USB devices, although you had best check that the power supply has enough juice to handle such a huge amount of gadgets attached to it with full protection with the help of fuses.

We just need a generic IC which can support upto 4 devices. I found a cheap USB controller hub IC Genesys 850G which is used in mostly USB hubs even in Belkin 4 port hub also uses the same IC. This IC is easily available on ebay for just 1 dollar.

Here is the link:

Step 1: Tools, Components and Bill of Materials

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  • PCB hand drill
  • Soldering iron and soldering wire
  • Steel scrubber
  • Cloth Iron
  • Tweaser
  • Laser printer


  • Copper Clad Board - 1
  • Photo paper - 1
  • Black spray paint - 1
  • Ferrous chloride
  • Flat bucket - 1
  • Genesys GL850G SSOD-28 Package - 1
  • Ferrite Beads 60 E - 5 (Package -1206)
  • Capacitor ceramic 100nf - 8 (Smd Package - 0603)
  • Capacitor electrolyte 100uf - 4 (Through Hole)
  • Capacitor electrolye 1uf - 2 (Through Hole)
  • Capacitor electrolyte 10uf - 1 (Through Hole)
  • Capacitor ceramic 20 or 22pf - 2 (Smd Package - 0603)
  • Crystal oscillator - 12mhz (Through hole)
  • Resistor 22K - 2 (Smd Package - 1206)
  • Resistor 0K - 2 (Smd Package - 1206)
  • Resistor 680 ohm - 1 (Smd Package - 1206)
  • Resistor 47K - 1 (Smd Package - 1206)
  • Resistor 510K - 1 (Smd Package - 1206)
  • Resistor 10K - 1 (Smd Package - 1206)
  • Resistor 100K - 1 (Smd Package - 1206)
  • USB A Connector - 4
  • USB B Connector -1
  • Fuse 1A - 1 (Smd Package - 1206 )

Step 2: Schematics and Gerbers

I attached the schematics and gerbers for the USB Hub. Print the F_cu file on photo paper and iron it on Copper clad. Solder all the components.

This USB doesn't require any additional software or power. Just attach it with your PC or laptop and your USB Hub is ready.

Step 3: Manufacturing Files

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For Full Manufacturing Files please visit my website : and Download

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mdimitrov-1 (author)2017-06-12

How can I get manufacturing files?

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Please email me

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manufacturing files missing

DanishMalhotra (author)AmineS252017-05-01

Send me ur email

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-11-25

Nice design.

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