Picture of USB Hub Monster
A six-legged creature with the ability to hook up to USB devices through any and all of its highly adjustable limbs.

Song: "Sgt. Pepper's Paradise (Beatles vs. Guns N' Roses)" by Jimmi Jammes

Step 1: Gather Core Materials

Picture of Gather Core Materials
- 7-port D-Link USB hub
- 7 one-foot USB extension cables
- 10-foot roll of 9-gauge armature wire
- black fabric (not shown)
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zack2474 years ago
i love it, i should totally make one of these...
JavaNut135 years ago
I'm not sure if fabric would be the best way of decorating it..
Maybe an evil-looking wire monster? Pipe cleaners? Eclipse mint cans?
squawker6 years ago
Wait! So this doesn't do anything. Nothing at all. I thought it might be a robot or something. Oh well.
This really turned out cool and the stop-motion animation idea is great too! I might try something like this out.
QwertyuioLP6 years ago
This just helped me with my Instructable. Thnxs alot!
Lil Bastard8 years ago
Would it create too much heat if you bought a plush octopus and ran a USB connection to each of the tentacles? LOL
This would be one better.
yummy burnt plush!:-) ps it will not catch fire :-(
millyan6 years ago
too cool ! I'mmaking this as christmas gift fo my brothers
firesketch6 years ago
sweet... it can be a pet for my monitor :3 and gotta add a usb sd port :D
mr.peaches6 years ago
in step 9, it looks like you could make that into an Imperial Walker from Star Wars or something... that's a pretty neat project btw!
fwjs286 years ago
AT-AT.....hmmmmm.....*grabs usb cords*
ngth8 years ago
It reminds me of the bots from The Matrix... oh no! They're taking over! :) Interesting use of an USB hub.
Vertigo666 ngth8 years ago
that's what i first thought it was
That was my first reaction to the pictures in step 5. I thought it looks a lot like one of the harvesters off of 'The Matrix'. Which gives me an idea.... ~adamvan2000
yeah in step five they look like them but the final image i definitely see Star Wars Walkers
post it...or i will come for you...and trust me...you don't want me to...
dark sponge6 years ago
But what to do with all of those USB ports...

(goes to instrctables main page and types in "USB")
JellyWoo7 years ago
cool, it was posted on www.geekologie.com today!
is that good or bad?
JellyWoo7 years ago
can you help? i don't get how you attach the eyes
also where do you buy the one-foot USB extension cables?
xeallos7 years ago
It looks exactly like Dark StarDark Star from the Slayers series!

codykage7 years ago
lol great idea. it looks like the more usb devices you plug into it the weaker the monster gets! lol re: photo 2 (Y)
przem8 years ago
Yes, really great! You can also put some small speaker inside your monster to make him talk (or even sing :) ) BTW what for is that second black wire going out from him? Power for the hub?
maker12 przem7 years ago
yes it is
Brennn107 years ago
So does this wire serve any other purpose besides the frame of the monster?
Yea Bendable Arms and Legs for the Monster... I wan't to make one but mine would have to be a 4 leggend feind... and i don't have that wire... and I dont have the 1 foot extensions.. Where can i buy those btw?
that is so clever, i love it!!
Darkshot7 years ago
very cool but i would make it a little more um...nicer you need to like duct tape it paper mache it or somthin then paint it so it looks WICKED :) hope im under the "be nice" polocy and tell me if im not i'll delete this coment :)
how bout savaging a usb card reader and putting it inside the creature's hub if there were cards in it would look like fins I may just have to make this and my beer can hub have babies a beer monster with usb connectivity and a whole lotta uselessness
noik8 years ago
A little bit crabby, but its looking cool whit the red eyes. Go on...!!!
SpinneNetz8 years ago
I have managed to completely fail at doing this step. I have some 5mm, 1.8 volt, 20mA leds I thought would work, but no go. Are these not going to work? Also, is it led (+) to resistor to red wire, or led (-) to resistor to red wire? I have almost no experience with this sort of thing.
fungus amungus (author)  SpinneNetz8 years ago
Fail often! That just means you're learning.

Anyway, check out this step for more info. The whole instructable is helpful if you have the time.

Your first idea of + to resistor to red should work.
Buaha, after several trips to Fry's I got it right! Thanks for the help, this is a great project.
fungus amungus (author)  SpinneNetz8 years ago
No problem. Be sure to post a picture of the results!
Here's my version of this awesome project. It's a bit larger that I was expecting, but I'm pleased with the results. Now I just have to find room for it on my desk...

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fungus amungus (author)  SpinneNetz8 years ago
Hey, great job! I dig the furry legs and the clips. I'll have to upload some pics of the second version of this that I made where I used some alligator clips. Yeah, the fella is a bit big for a desk, but mine's been a good companion for the past few months.
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