Picture of USB Hub inside Altiods Tin
This Instructable will teach you how to mount an USB hub inside an Altoids tin.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
For this Instructable you will need:
an Altoids tin(obviously)
an USB hub
small piece of card board
a drill
Dremel (optional)
JoQuez241 year ago

Nice a great gift 4 whom I'm giving it 2

dude you butchered that tin, try a dremmel, plus that cardboard will probably burn.
jj20012 years ago
Superninjacamper941 (author)  jj20012 years ago
iApple guy3 years ago
Where did you get that USB hub, where can I buy it, and how much is it
Superninjacamper941 (author)  iApple guy3 years ago
I just found that hub around my house but here are some links to where you could find one.


The two main places I shop are amazon and ebay...
thing 26 years ago
cool i like it!
could you just put the amount of holes you need for the USB hubs and put them in and solder each color to its color and solder them and add like a twenty five foot cord with at least 4 wires on it and then solder them and add another male USB and do the same and solder them to.
Could you please explain what you are trying to do and your question. What are the colors? thanks
I was saying put the amount of holes you need for the hubs and wire that correctly together and at a twenty-five foot cord coming from the altoind can then hooked up to a male USB.Does that answer your question. If it doesn't i'll add a pic if my camera still works.
kind of why do you need the 25 foot long cable?
Where I can use it just about anywhere
Cool sounds good
lilpunk13027 years ago
Although I probably have no right to comment as I don't have a Dremel and don;t know how hard it is to use one, Similar projects seem to look better around the edges, is there a specific reason why your edges look so rough? Either way, great idea.
I could have made the edges a lot more smooth but I was crunched for time and I don't really care if my edges are rough. But thanks