fade in: you're sitting in the library with your laptop. you look up from your 'spreadsheet' (which is really just a game of minesweeper) and notice something: the only Christmas decorations there are 23 paper wreaths taped to the windows (courtesy of Mrs. Cunningham's kindergarten class two doors down). you are saddened. you wonder if you even like Christmas anymore.

sadly, this happens to many people every year. so, what's a man (or woman) to do? well, I say, you already have a lappy, why not make a USB LED Christmas tree!

UPDATE: I recently changed out the base on this tree with a piece of a log. it makes a much better tree base.

Step 1: Attain Materials

you'll need:

soldering iron
coat hanger
wire stripper
matching resistors
usb cable
fake tree limbs
foam cup
hot glue
florist's tape (optional)
Looks better and easier to see if the picture is upright!!
sorry. <br><br>I don't even have the tree anymore, I gave it away at a white elephant gift exchange.
But, what if I want an LED Christmas Tree that DOESN'T rhyme? :)
well then you can have a universal serial bus light emitting diode christmas tree.
Wouldn't it be a &quot; universal serial bus light emitting diode Pinus sylvestris<i>&quot; &nbsp; ?<br /> </i>
that works too.<br />

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