USB LED Glow Stick Tutorial





Introduction: USB LED Glow Stick Tutorial

I checked Instructables for some news because I haven't checked it for about 1 month now, and I saw this little contest. So I said " why not ?" . And the first thing that came in my mind was this glow stick. It's simple, and in a time lapse ( be sure to pause the video from time to time, I speak reaaaally fast :D ) it can teach you how to do it. It's DIY fun !

Have a nice time.



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    Its really sped up which makes it pretty funny.

    already been done several times, plus this video is so sped up to try to get into the '30 second tutorial contest' that i cant hear or see what your doing.

    Sorry, I made the embedded video smaller. I realize this must have been done before, but not in 30 seconds :D. I know my voice is speedy, that's why I added some text and annotations :P

    It's no use adding text and annotations if it's too quick to read while you're trying to understand what is being said. Better luck next time, eh?

    The contest is for things that can be shown in 30 seconds, not things that can be crammed into a 30 video clip. It doesn't really work as Beserl87 has said.


    Your embedded video is too large, and its blocking out the ratings/info/stats area.