Picture of USB LED Hotwheels Car
Pimp my Hotwheels Car
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Step 1: Tools Required

Picture of Tools Required
1. Soldering Iron
2. Hot Glue Gun
3. Rotary Drill (Dremmel)
4. Scalpel Set
5. Pliers
6. Wire Strippers

Step 2: Materials Required

Picture of Materials Required
1. Hotwheels Car.
2. USB Cable with male plug.
3. LED & Resistor (Use the web to match your choice).
4. Wire, 2 Colours.

Step 3: Strip the wires

Picture of Strip the wires
Use the Red (+5v) & Black (Gnd) wires, and cut off the rest.

Step 4: Prepare the LED

Picture of Prepare the LED
The long leg on the LED is +, so the Resistor should be soldered to this, the shot leg is - or Gnd.
Please ignore the white cable in this Pic it should have been the black one!

Step 5: Solder & clean up

Picture of Solder & clean up
As space is limited inside the car, use a scalpel or file to clean up the solder, unless not like me you are a tidy solderer.

Step 6: Dismantle the Car

Picture of Dismantle the Car
Use a small HSS drill bit in the dremmel to drill out the rivets.

Step 7: Cut out the Spacr for the LED

Picture of Cut out the Spacr for the LED
Every car is Different, just be careful not to cut into the interior.

Step 8: Glue in the LED

Picture of Glue in the LED
Use the hot melt glue to fix the LED in place, using just a little glue at a time, be careful not to glue lower than the Wheels.

Step 9: Ready to Plug In

Picture of Ready to Plug In
Plug in and stand well back!

Step 10: All Done

Picture of All Done
Just switch out the lights!
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D@V1D7 years ago
Nice! Can you send me one?
blckpythn7 years ago
i believe that is a Male usb plug, other than that its a pretty cool idea i think making an LED Throwie for this would be more efficient and safe for that matter
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
LOL What a great imagination I love it!
marc927 years ago
when i first saw the instructable i thought, cool and then i thought to make it into a usb mouse idk if i will do it though
dentsinger7 years ago
Cool, I love miniatures and dioramas. I would paint the interior, drill a few miniature holes in the dash for dash lighting, add head lamps and brake lights. Cool nonetheless! I'm wondering if there's a way to stash a lithium cell inside to power up the led(s) and add a mini switch somewhere in the undercarriage.
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