Simple project

I had broke the plant off the skull after knocking it off the table and wanted to put LEDs in it.

Step 1: Parts

2 LEDs
1 Resister of calculated value
1 Old USB cable
Whatever you want your LEDs in I used a air planter skull.
This is so cool! My son is having a Halloween birthday party and this will be on every table!!! Damn you are so smart. Thank You for this opportunity to do somsomething with my son!!
What's good about these is that you don't have to just use a USB cable to power the LEDs. Two red LEDs in series with a coin cell battery would work and leave you with party favors for your guests.
Cool! My friend has a black skull, I'm going to see if he wants to try this, we'll use those big LEDs if we do. Awesome job, I have a Flip Video Camera too.
I was going to use the 10mm ones but Radio Shack had only 1. I used the wide angle ones they had.

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