USB LG Phone Charger





Introduction: USB LG Phone Charger

This instructable tells you how to make your LG phone charge from a USB port using a spare wall charger.

Step 1: Getting Started

Look at the lable on your AC charger to make sure that the output is the same as a USB port(5v, 500mA). Take your wall charger and cut off the plug that goes into your phone. Then cut the USB cable to the desired length.

Step 2: Sodering

Cut off the outside of the usb wire then strip the positive and negative wires inside the cable. Take apart the plug and cut off and pull out the wire that connects it to the wall plug. Then push the USB wire into the hole were the wire you just took out was. Soder the USB wires and the Plug wires together and tape the exposed metal to prevent shorting. Lastly reasemble the plug.

Step 3: Finished Project

Your finished project might look like this. Mine works great and I've been using it ever since. Enjoy!

Step 4: Further Development

Rather than throwing away the rest of your wall charger you could SOLDER a female USB port to the curcut bord so that you can still use the USB charging cable you just made with you wall charger. This is further explained in this Instructable.



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    Are u selling the phone charger or just posting it as a ad?

    I tried with this site :
    scrool down at the end of the page... i tried with 5 V DC 500 mA, doesnt work, only give me 600 mA of intensity, i think i should try 5 V DC 1 A, what do you think?

    thank you!

    What if the plug is 5.2v, 800mA Will it still be able to work??

    yes, any 5 V will fit no more than 1 A !

    thank you!

    hmm, I have a purple, white, black, and clear wire (so i can see the copper underneath). Im pretty sure the black is ground but which one is power? they are aligned like this: -:- and black and white are across and clear and purple are across from each other. Any help?

    will this also work with the LG model TFLG410GB?
    My charger for that Phone is model STA-P53WD
    input 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A
    output 5.6V  0.4A

    i bought an env touch in late july and the charger was a usb that plugged into the wall thing. its kind of hard to explain.......

    what if theres a red , purple , white , green and no black , which one would be ground ?