USB Lamp





Introduction: USB Lamp

Step 1: What You Need

2 old cd or dvd, USB cable, office paper clip, 1 leaf, glue, soldering iron, bulb (max. 2,5W), the basis from the old rosette,

Step 2: USB Cable

Prepare USB Cable

Step 3: Bulb and Cable

Solder on bulb (max. 2,5W)

Step 4: Put Together

Hide the cable in the rosette

Step 5: Support

Make shade support

Step 6: Shade

Make shade from leaf

Step 7: Finish

Good luck with this work. :)



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    how to make this lamp shade plz ?

    i think the usb have 4 wires right? we only use black and red what about the other wires?

    red and black are the power wires, the other two are for data, but we dont need to exchange data.
    to be clear:
    red= +5v
    black= ground
    green= data ground
    white = data +

    i had thought that negative ( red ) was ground and positive ( black ) ws +5v.

    U r rong godfal is correct

    ... A bit delayed don't you think ...

    google it if you dont believe me ;)

    oh im not very good at this sort of stuff and i he alot on my mind right now lol.

    Ya we have 4 wires but we use only 2 they r red and black because they r power cables while green and white r for transfering Data .

    How hard would it be to mod this to use a couple LEDs?