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USB Light from USB Card reader:
Instruments needed-
1. LED 2 pcs.
2. Resister 120 ohms
3. Dead SD card reader
~Remove the cover of card reader.
~Remove all parts by soldering iron.
~scratch out all printed circuit.
~Create holes for attaching resister and LEDs.
~Joined the ++ and -- of LEDs, then + of LED with resister.
~connect the - and resister end at 1st and 4th pin of USB port. 
~Create two holes on cover for LED come out. 
~Cover the card reader by covering.

Made by Magician Suman Mandal.


techboy411 (author)2015-01-04

Nice 'ible, but i have a question. What is that masking-tape-ed "power bank" (i'm quoting that because i don't even know what it is.) you powered you USB Light from?

anghellix (author)2012-02-18

I like your idea with the unused SD card reader.. I'm certainly going to try this soon.

Thank you for sharing.

sumanmagician (author)anghellix2012-02-19

Thanks for watching.
Try new one....

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