Like some sort of sign from above, my USB wireless modem broke, right around the time the USB contest was posted. I don't have the USB modem insured, and at >$200 for a new one from my carrier, I decided to fix it myself. Before I did that I grabbed my smartphone and snapped some pictures of the process to document it and hopefully help someone that comes across the same problem in the future. 

Step 1: Materials Required

In order to repair a modem that has had the usb connector broken like in my situation, you will need the following:

1) Soldering iron

2) Solder

3) A "third hand" or some sort of mechanism to hold the components will you solder. I used a Panavise and a third hand.

4) A sharp razor or some wire strippers that will allow you to strip the extremely small wires.

5) Liquid tape to insulate the wires once they're soldered.

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