Like some sort of sign from above, my USB wireless modem broke, right around the time the USB contest was posted. I don't have the USB modem insured, and at >$200 for a new one from my carrier, I decided to fix it myself. Before I did that I grabbed my smartphone and snapped some pictures of the process to document it and hopefully help someone that comes across the same problem in the future. 
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Step 1: Materials required

In order to repair a modem that has had the usb connector broken like in my situation, you will need the following:

1) Soldering iron

2) Solder

3) A "third hand" or some sort of mechanism to hold the components will you solder. I used a Panavise and a third hand.

4) A sharp razor or some wire strippers that will allow you to strip the extremely small wires.

5) Liquid tape to insulate the wires once they're soldered.

Step 2: Back Removal

Picture of Back Removal
The first step is to remove the back from the antenna / modem. The back is held to the assembly via one small phillips screw. Remove the screw and place it someplace where it will not get lost or fall off of your working surface. 

Step 3: Back Removal (2)

Picture of Back Removal (2)
The next step is to pry the back off of the antenna / modem assembly. This is done using a small flat head screwdriver. One must be very careful while doing this so as to not break the plastic housing, (for obvious reasons). I worked the screwdriver into the joint of the two halves and slowly made my way down the rest of the flange. Picture shows the back removed.

Step 4: PCB Removal

Picture of PCB Removal
Once the back is removed, the next step is to remove the pcb from the housing. This is done by removing one smaller phillips screw that holds the pcb in place. This screw is even smaller than the first, so pay close attention so as to not lose it.