Step 4: The Flashlight

The flashlight is actually bigger than it strictly needs to be length wise but since I was using PVC as the body the dimensions were more or less fixed. 

As said before, four Cree XR-e LEDs provide the illumination. They are attached to a heat sink that I pulled off a circuit board and ground down to fit inside the PVC housing. The FET came out of a stereo circuit board and the other transistor came out of a TV. I hunted down a few resisters with the appropriate values with my multi-tester and used those. I used a breadboard to build the circuit and test it using a 6v 1a wall wart that I had laying around and then later with the 4 Ds held in my hands with jumper wires on the terminals.

I did have to buy the switch. I didn't have anything but a bunch of really ugly toggles and momentary button switches.

If you want to do something similar you'll have to see dan's constant current LED driver circuit instructable.
Great project! If you use lenses for the less, the flashlight will 'throw' the light forwards instead of 'flooding ' the area, ie it will focus the light coming from the leds
Do you have a schematic/wiring diagram for this project?<br><br>Thanks
I followed the schematics <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Power-LED-s---simplest-light-with-constant-current/">here</a>&nbsp;from dan's constant current circuit.
now if it was motion activated you could come into camp and the lights would come on. or you could protect your camp from animals by having a noise maker go off if anything moves just dont scare the p out of your own self
It's ok!
You'r welcome!

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