USB Mini Drill





Introduction: USB Mini Drill

This USB powered drill is perfect for wood, PCB boards, bakelite, cardboards and many more.

Very simple to make, a perfect utility tool for DIY hobbyists.

This tool besides a power bank can also be used by plugging in any 5v USB mobile charger.

Step 1: ​Things You Need

Things you need:

Cable, USB plug, Mini switch, Mini motor, Electrical connector, Small drill

Step 2: Connect the Switch

Glue the switch on the + side of the engine.

Step 3: Connect Cable to Motor

Solder the red cable (+) to the switch and the white (-) to the engine , remember to solder the switch.

Step 4: Connect Cable to USB

Solder the red cable (+) to the + USB and the white (-) to the – USB.

Finish it off with tape and shrink tubing,

don't tape the switch!

Step 5: Connect the Drill

Cut the ends of the electrical connector.

Glue the drill and motor together in the connector.

Step 6: Ready!! Let's Take It to the Test!

See the end of the video for test!!



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    where do you get the motor?

    Awesome the way you used that connector to couple drill bit and motor shaft, very useful

    a clockers must -- if your CPU gives thermal -- you just drill more holes to the PC case (shot up me stupid cat, muhahaa)

    If you want to reduce chance of damaging your USB port, try the next configuration.


    I mean add a Diode like people said on previous comments xD

    I don't see any EMF or spike suppression circuitry, I'm not sure I would use the USB rail as a power source for this, motors throw out a heck of a back voltage.

    BeachsideHank thanks for the reply!

    isnt it allready on the motor?

    I hope someone else can verify, but it looks like a simple disk capacitor to me.

    i'm gonna check this next week. i'll let you know what it is!