USB Mouse Flash Drive Hack





Introduction: USB Mouse Flash Drive Hack

Got an old mouse and a flash drive laying around? Put them together and make a USB Mouse Flash Drive! This is my first Instructable, any constructive criticism will be appreciated.

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need:

USB flash drive
Old Mouse
USB extension cord
Dremel (optional) (not shown)
Assorted Screwdrivers (not shown)

Step 2: Disassemble the Mouse

Disassemble the mouse. Yes, the mouse has a PS/2 connector, this is the main reason that I used it for this project, since it is pretty much obsolete.

Step 3: Disassemble the USB Extension

Disassemble the USB Extension. This may be different for different extensions. Mine was previously used on a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse, so I just unscrewed it and took it apart. You may have to peel back the plastic on yours to reveal the USB connector.

Step 4: Disassemble the Flash Drive

Disassemble the Flash Drive. This usually consists of simply popping the case off of the electronics inside.

Step 5: Begin Reassembly

Put the scroll wheel back in the mouse (just for more realism). Then connect the USB extension to the flash drive and place it in the mouse wherever it will fit.

Step 6: Dremel the Mouse (optional)

If needed, dremel out the mouse to ensure a better fit with the top and bottom of the mouse.

Step 7: Finish Assembly

The flash drive should fit under the top of the mouse with no contact. Put it all back together.

Step 8: Enjoy!

You are done! Now, go fool your friends with your new USB Flash Drive Mouse!


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Hello! I was wondering how you would do this without the mouse. Because I don't have the mouse anymore.

I made one that functions as a mouse, usb hub and microsd/sd card reader. I just put the microsd/sd card reader in usb hub with usb mouse, drill and cut with size of microsd and sd for slots then refitting the reader and usb hub inside the mouse. I've been using this for photography and photoshop editing with no hassle of getting sd card readers and lacking usb ports, and it was great.

i made one that functions as a mouse and usb. i just put a hub inside the mouse with a flash drive and connected the mouse to it aswell

hi! can you teach me how to do it?? thanks in advance :)

I had one question, how does the PC know this is a mouse? Won't the PC identify this as a Flash Drive, rather than a mouse? Or maybe I'm misunderstanding the application...I have an old style mouse and I want to make it into a USB mouse, so I thought of using this instructable...can you please help?

This 'ible is for making a flash drive. This will not function as a mouse when you are done with it. It is made to fool people. You can get an adapter to make a PS/2 mouse into a USB mouse, however.

Make it have both inside the case, as well as a usb hub with wifi and an sd card slot!

or find a small usb hub and stick it in the mouse so the mouse can be connected aswell. true stealth usb/mouse. throw a wii adapter in therew aswell and install backtrack 5 on the flash and you have a mouse that can be used for penetration testing.

Just scrape off the little "Logitech" logo with an X-acto knife or sandpaper. Use rubbing alcohol and rub off the "dell" symbol, and say it's a generic mouse you got at the dollar store.