Picture of USB Mouse Flash Drive Hack
Got an old mouse and a flash drive laying around? Put them together and make a USB Mouse Flash Drive! This is my first Instructable, any constructive criticism will be appreciated.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed

You will need:

USB flash drive
Old Mouse
USB extension cord
Dremel (optional) (not shown)
Assorted Screwdrivers (not shown)


I made one that functions as a mouse, usb hub and microsd/sd card reader. I just put the microsd/sd card reader in usb hub with usb mouse, drill and cut with size of microsd and sd for slots then refitting the reader and usb hub inside the mouse. I've been using this for photography and photoshop editing with no hassle of getting sd card readers and lacking usb ports, and it was great.

devicemodder made it!7 months ago

i made one that functions as a mouse and usb. i just put a hub inside
the mouse with a flash drive and connected the mouse to it aswell

i made one that functions as a mouse and usb. i just put a hub inside the mouse with a flash drive and connected the mouse to it aswell

hi! can you teach me how to do it?? thanks in advance :)

premald4 years ago
I had one question, how does the PC know this is a mouse? Won't the PC identify this as a Flash Drive, rather than a mouse? Or maybe I'm misunderstanding the application...I have an old style mouse and I want to make it into a USB mouse, so I thought of using this instructable...can you please help?
fairypenguin22 (author)  premald4 years ago
This 'ible is for making a flash drive. This will not function as a mouse when you are done with it. It is made to fool people. You can get an adapter to make a PS/2 mouse into a USB mouse, however.
Make it have both inside the case, as well as a usb hub with wifi and an sd card slot!
dont forget linux on the usb
or find a small usb hub and stick it in the mouse so the mouse can be connected aswell. true stealth usb/mouse. throw a wii adapter in therew aswell and install backtrack 5 on the flash and you have a mouse that can be used for penetration testing.
Just scrape off the little "Logitech" logo with an X-acto knife or sandpaper. Use rubbing alcohol and rub off the "dell" symbol, and say it's a generic mouse you got at the dollar store.
nice one! and lol too...!!!
acabrera73 years ago
A Logitech Unifying keyboard and mouse!!!!
how do you fool your friends with this?
zieak5 years ago
Not bad... I've been considering trying to cram a usb hub into an optical mouse.  One of the hub ports could be connected to the mouse, one to a large capacity thumb drive and the other wired to a SD card reader. 

I travel a bit and it would be nice to be able to back up my pictures to a drive (integrated into a mouse) and use the drive to host programs to be able to browse the web safely from public computers.  

I should get to work on it...
Dodge zieak4 years ago
I did exactly that. It does work, but sometimes you have to unplug and replug it in for the mouse to work. Also, it gets warm during use... Great in the winter. Summer, not so great.
I used this hub and this micro-SD card reader in this mouse. I made it before I joined Instructables. I made a tutorial on a different site.
premald Dodge4 years ago
Hi Dodge, I wanted to change my old PS2 mouse to a USB mouse...what I'm not sure is how does the mouse get recognized by the PC once you attach a USB drive to it?
Dodge premald4 years ago
Oh, wait... I see what you are trying to do. This won't work for you.
What you need is an adapter:

Disregard my comment below.
premald Dodge4 years ago
Hi Dodge, thanks for that pointer. However, what I want to do is actually make my own converter with USB memory stick, and PS2 mouse...so that I have a USB mouse...what I was wondering was how does the comp recognize this USB mouse?
Dodge premald4 years ago
It's basically just like using a USB hub with a flash drive and a mouse plugged into it. The computer recognizes the hub first, then the drive and mouse. It should be all automatic... Plug-and-play.
KronoNaut5 years ago
I've been telling my friends in the hardware industry that they need to put memory into corded mice so it would be both a mouse, and a flash drive.
I agree that corded, or 'hard plugged' USB devices should all have SOME memory in them.  The obvious use is in wifi devices and printers, where they could contain their own drivers!
As soon as I get money for a chep-o micro USB hub and a mouse, I shall do that and maybe post an instructable about it :) Been thinking about this for a long time and my fingers itch to get tinkering again :) 
I did that a while back, i was rebuilding it to include a dpi multiplier, so i gutted it keeping only the senser. After i built in the new micro controller, i had to use a usb hub to get it to work, because i didn't want to loose a good usb cable i use for my scanner, so i soldered the usb connection to the hub. I also had a 64 GB SATA SSD drive (Pulled from a pocket sized laptop), the size of my thumbnail, and I built it in too. Now my mouse has my games on it.
joypad5 years ago
also a good idea for hiding the drive