I thought it would be neat to have a 1/4 scale NES to display in my game room and on my desk for friends and family to see since I'm such a big fan of the old NES...so....I BUILT ONE! complete with a 4Gb Zelda Cart and NES Zapper Laser Pointer!

When plugged in, The NES power light kicks on showing there is a connection. When inserted the Zelda cart acts as a 4Gb Memory card. The Zapper..well..unlike the REAL one, It can  actually cause eye damage and doesn't require a TV!..lol. My favorite thing is when friends and family come over and see that I have a NES plugged into my 360..I don't know why they think it's soo funny but I would guess it's just the irony.

So anyways, here's a short vid showing it working and a few pics. Thanks for looking   : )

(The scale is just a rough guess)

Pics: http://s120.photobucket.com/albums/o183/Tim__B/NES%20USB%20Card%20Reader/
wheres the instrucyions. i wana do this. its sweet
pokemon in the background awesome<br>
yeah, that was my 6 year old watching it..lol.
A &quot;be nice&quot; comment policy!? uh never mind then....jp...i love it! your the best!<br>
lol, thank you!
Coolest thing ever!!!
Great idea small &quot;mini NES&quot; easy to use carry anywhere!
Or you can make mini Super NES?
Thanks, Sure could! : )
Extremely awesome! Reminds me of Fungus Amungus ible. But this one gets bonus points for self made scale nes and cartridge! Well done!<br> <br> What material is this made from? Any chance of an instructable? This would be awesome to make!<br>
It's entirely scratch made from some plastic styrene sheets I had laying around. The hinge isn't the traditional for NES but it was the best way to make it for this project.<br><br>Thank You!

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