Step 2: Fabrication

first cut the usb cord and cut back the insulation to expose the wires. there should be a red,black,green and white.  what we need to do is cut the green and white back because we wont be needing those two wires but leave the red and black wires exposed 

next strip the insulation from the red and black wires

to prepare the cell phone charger, do the same thing that was done to the usb cord only the wires in my cell charger  are red and yellow  match the red wires together and the yellow and the black together  

ok now that the wires are hooked up we need to test to see that it works

so plug your usb cord into a USB  Port then plug in the cell charger in to the phone and see if its charging if it is  

I have a phone charger, but only has the part for the phone, does not have the wall part.. I tried what you state in this article, but for some reason the phone is not charging.. I didn't hook it up with a USB cable i did it with a universal charger... Let me know what i did wrong.