USB Popcorn Maker





Introduction: USB Popcorn Maker

Make fresh popcorn with your laptop



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    I'm pretty sure you need,
    Any high intensity LED's 2.5v, 150lm X 2
    Jar lid
    USB cables

    That is an awesome idea. I just turned on my lava lamp and removed the "lava" part and in about a minute it got too hot to put my hand over. Trying it tomorrow :D

    hey ur a lieng jerk this is real but probly takes like 1 hour to pop the poporn but its real

    i would totally try this if i had those fancy bulbs. perhaps a heating coil or a cpu would work?

    It works nice but it took me a minimum 5 minutes with a desktop computer

    what's the black paint glue he used??? I found 6v and 2.8v halogen bulbs at ACE hardware they get pretty hot maybe hot enough to make popcorn.

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    Believe it or not I already tried it but with all those pins which are the power input anyway it failed miserably

    Amazing the coolest computer-tech device I've seen all year Bravo!!!!