video USB Popcorn Maker
Make fresh popcorn with your laptop
I'm pretty sure you need,
Any high intensity LED's 2.5v, 150lm X 2
Jar lid
USB cables
nodoubtman3 years ago
Where do you buy that?
555mst5556 years ago
i would just use a lava lamp stand.....
That is an awesome idea. I just turned on my lava lamp and removed the "lava" part and in about a minute it got too hot to put my hand over. Trying it tomorrow :D
Has anybody tried it (successfully) yet? If they have, somebody should make a gui for it! that'd be sweet!
hey ur a lieng jerk this is real but probly takes like 1 hour to pop the poporn but its real
I never said it wasn't. And ave you ever read the "be nice" comment policy?
this is awesome. thanks!
zack2475 years ago
i would totally try this if i had those fancy bulbs. perhaps a heating coil or a cpu would work?
neyodonium (not spelt right ) lol wire would work better
Why don't i think this works?
H4T7 years ago
That. Is awesome. Thanks for posting!
Oraki51 H4T6 years ago
It works nice but it took me a minimum 5 minutes with a desktop computer
what's the black paint glue he used??? I found 6v and 2.8v halogen bulbs at ACE hardware they get pretty hot maybe hot enough to make popcorn.
JB weld
Hotwire a processor.
Believe it or not I already tried it but with all those pins which are the power input anyway it failed miserably
Hmmmm I'm going to have to look into this.....
hg3416 years ago
cjbikenut6 years ago
Amazing the coolest computer-tech device I've seen all year Bravo!!!!
cyradis3137 years ago
This might be possible with thick Nichrome wire it has a VERY small resistance..i use it to light fuses on fire works with a 1.5 volt battery from a few feet. The only problem is it usually burns in half, rather quickly. But, might be possible with a little thicker wire..
Bartboy7 years ago
I think it MIGHT'be real.
pauloj7 years ago
Nice trick! The 2.5w from the USB port are clearly not enough to boil the oil but for a "fake video" weekend project is not bad.
NeonLime pauloj7 years ago
Isnt a USB port 5 volts/watts/whatever? And you never know, it looks pretty real to me. much more real than the cellphone popcorn maker...
5 VOLT... yes... 5 WATT...no(big BIG difference) 500mA is maximum draw for a standard usb device. the new "Battery Charging Specification" for usb ports allow upto 1.5A(or did they up it to 2A?) which would mak ethis POSSIBLE.. though still not suggested. If you're gonna try it, us a usb hub(cheap, and not connected to your pc) or one of those usb wall-wart power supplies. at least then, you're only out $15 or so when it fry's the electronics.
Also nice video! Real or not, its interesting.
Rockerx7 years ago
thats a great idea! just a question though, what were the LED's called that you showed the box for and what was the stuff that you put in the bottom of the lid? The video was a little blurry there. If its what i think it is im going to try and make one.and good job by the way.
They looked like krypton bulbs not LEDs, they will get hot and burn you.
Also looks like NOMEX in the bottom, to keep the heat from burning the table.
But I'm skeptical. It's listed here http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2008/07/can_a_usb_socket_power_a_popcorn_maker-2.html too
you know what now that i look at it your right. it does look a bit fake. well i guess it cant hurt to try to make it and see what happens and thanks for helping me find out what they were using. since it looks like their not going to help.
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Very interesting idea.