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Introduction: USB Power Bank

Welcome to my instructable!

Today i will show you how I made USB Power Bank.

It holds anywhere to 7000-16000mAh ,which depends on batteries you'r using. Capacity for C type batteries

This small device can be used to power any small gadget which use 5v USB input like those small rc quad copters and rc cars.

Module i'm using is USB step-up booster ,which boosts anywhere form 0.9V ~ 5V and can output stable 5V dc voltage. This will not charge your phone! For that application please use different kind of module.

Anyway back to project!

Step 1: Parts

Step 2: Preparing Parts and Project Box

I started by modifying battery holder and project box to fit each other.

Then i placed parts in project box and arranged them in order which they fit best.

Step 3: Soldering

Soldering is pretty straight foward.

Just solder positive to positive and negative to negative ,just remember to add switch between one of those wires so you can turn power bank on and off.

Step 4: All Done

After soldering all parts together you can put in batteries and close project box and your done!

This is how my project turned out , I'm pretty happy with result and it definitely dose what it's made for.

I hope you'r will as well!

Thanks for reading my instructable!



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    would I be able to use a double a battery pack instead?

    I have a 10,400mah in the first place I full charged my power bank, after 3days when I plan to used it my power bank isnt turning on.. the lights dead.. I try all the possibilities and way but I failed

    You can't chargen D batteries, you probably destroyed them...

    wow,, i like this article.

    I have A power bank of Mi 10400mah it doesn't in working condition.But I have 2 batteries of 2500mah how can i use it.

    No !!! Rasberry pi needs min 1000 - max 2000 mA to work fine !this psu give 600mA . Maybe works but not as could

    I use a 850mA usb charger for my RPi and it works fine with a wireless keyboard connected and ethernet port.