USB Power Socket in the Car





Introduction: USB Power Socket in the Car

Though there is always an option of 12 volt adapters for vehicles to be used in cigarette lighter for charging mobiles n tabs but just for a better look I decided to create a USB power socket for my car.

Step 1: Disassemble USB 12V Car Charger for Mobile.

I disassembled a 12V USB car charger with 1amp and 2.1amp usb ports and removed the circuit board from the plastic casing.

Step 2: Preparing the Cover

Then I cut a piece of plastic equal to the size of the port where this socket has to be installed in the car. Cut a square box in the cover according to the size of USB port and a hole for led light. I applied carbon fibre vinyl sheet for refined look.

Step 3: Installation of Circuit Behind the Cover

Then I fixed the circuit board behind the cover using metal mender after which it gave this look.

Step 4: Wiring

Then I soldered the wires to the circuit board. These wires are to be connected to cigarette lighter for power. I also installed metal clips on the back of cover to fix it in the car.

Step 5: Final Look Before Installation

Step 6: Installation

After that I fixed USB power socket into the console and here is the final out come.



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Hey, thanks for the great idea. I am putting this set up in a classic mgb, shhhh sacrilege yes I know... Quit question, the prongs that stick out from either side of my circuit, can I hook up my ground wire directly to them or should it be integrated with the circuit some how. Likewise, can my positive wire be hooked straight to the back? what happened to your prongs?


yes i also hooked the wires directly to the prongs

I would use any USB car charger you could probably find one at a tech store or suermarker. really anywhere.

For the connector he used a tamiya.

Good idea based on wrong device. Sorry if I'm rude but the charger here showed is not able to supply 2.1A. It is a fake as many of them are: Look at the inductance if 1A pass trough it it will fuse :) also the IC is theorical limited to 1A ... look the datasheet or more easy put an amperometer.

I used a similar device: obviously it was not able to charge my device and i substitute the regulator with a real 5V 1A and the original inductance was melted in 5 minute. I changed also the inductance and all was fine but of the original device was survived only the case.

Please keep in high consideration the other user like bp_968 that suggest the usage of a proper device.

Sincerely,im karim elsisy From the city of Tanta, Egypt Age 25 years
Possess good experience in the manufacture and distribution of electrical appliances
And exposure to the declaration of bankruptcy of the company and I want a partner wants to open a factory in Egypt

If you search ebay you can find a great little 4 port USB charger/adapter that works on 12v from the car wiring. It can supply a total of 4-5 amps I believe. I think it was all of 3-4$. I plan to build it into the car similar to this excellent design!

hehe kenapa tak terpirkirkan ya