Introduction: Super Easy USB Powered Halloween Jack O' Lantern

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This Is a pretty quick project. If you desperately need an LED-lit, USB powered pumpkin, that is.

Step 1: Get the Stuff.

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you need:
-USB cable, from piece-of-crap old mouse or somesuch.
-LEDs; orange, I should think.
-A resistor.
-Flair. (optional)

Now carve that B up, yo!

Step 2: Electricals.

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'You need to know the voltage and current requirements of your LEDs.

In the case of most ordinary red or orange LEDs, that will be ~2 volts, and no more than 20mA.

those crazy newfangled blue and white LEDs will take 3 volts.

Your USB port can supply up to 5 volts at 500mA, so you're gonna need a resistor.

I used 2 orange LEDs in series. That means I am drawing 4 volts total with 20mA of current. Using ohms law (or one of those handy internet calculators.)
5v - 4v = 1v.

1v / 20ma = 50ohms

So that's what I used.

USB power comes over the black(-) and red(+) wires in the cable. the other two are data lines. Just cut them off.

Step 3: Finale!

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The Playstation's always on, so I connected my 'punkin to that. enjoy!


nodoubtman (author)2011-10-04

5 v for usb but 100 mA max!

INVADER SCOOGE (author)2008-10-28

Could you do the same thing,but with one of those small button batteries?

gamer (author)2007-11-03

very good!!! u used a resistor

T3h_Muffinator (author)2007-10-27

Nice! I just so happen to love USB powered LED stuff (see my tree!), so great job!

Darkshot (author)T3h_Muffinator2007-10-27

put up a pic of your tree muffinator ;) and awsome instructable

T3h_Muffinator (author)Darkshot2007-10-27

I've got an entire Instructable on it! Just check out my persona.

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