A couple of days ago I was surfing the internet and found out that we could power any gadget with a power of 5V and 100mA(500mA on some special conditions) by connecting it to a USB port, so I thought that I would make a beginners instructable which will teach anyone how to make this cool night lamp!

I figured out that the total cost of the project was about 2.5$ because its a reuse project!(I reused a milk carton and turned it into this instructables robot night lamp, if you see carefully you will notice that the robot is the Go-Green Instructables Robot!

Here is a video of the finished project!
I even used multi color LEDs and it looked great!

This is a fantastic song(My 2nd favorite song)

Ok so lets get started...

Step 1: Gathering the materials

Picture of Gathering the materials
So the materials are:

1 Milk Carton
2 LEDs(Any color is all right but I used blue)
1 USB cable
Any sharp object(Eg a pin)

Some tools that would help but not necessary are:

A Thumb Pin
Soldering iron
Heat sink
Duct tape
Wire strippers

Here are some links where you can buy the stuff:


USB cable:

Alternative USB cable:

Another Alternative for USB cable:

You can get a milk carton from any local supermarket!


Soldering Iron and Solder:

Heat Shrink Tubing:

Wire Strippers:

Here are shome links that will help you learn:

LEDs:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Light-emitting_diode(It shows you how to wire LEDs up etc
USB :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB(It tells you about USB and what inside etc)

maixy3 years ago
maybe you can use kind of paper which can give out the light itself
Good Luck to you!
Yeah, good luck!
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Glad you think its awesome!
This is awesome, I am going to make one!
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Cool! Don't forget to post pictures of it when you are done making it! And vote for it if you like it!
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I will be replacing the video with a much better video once I get the multi color LEDs I ordered!
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Coooollll!!I want one of those!
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I loved it, so cool.Gonna vote for u.
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Coooollll!!I want one of those!
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Its cheap and easy, so you can easily make one for yrself!
WOW! this is soooo cool Good job!

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This is really really cool!Well done!
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I will be making a set of multi color USB powered LEDs and then I'll add a video of that and some photos!
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nice work
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This is a great project! the music goes nicely!
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