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In my previous Instructable, I built a USB powered LED bicycle light, that worked very well, But for some reason (maybe because i bike at high speeds), there seems to be a visibility issue, as the cars and other bikers didn't see me passing, and i always had to stop suddenly , sometimes in a dangerous way.

So, I decided to build a version 2.0 of this project, boosting the LED lights count from 10 to 120 LEDs!!

As always, this is MY idea of execution, and if you have any feedback, it is highly appreciated!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Step 2: Dismantle the Torch

Extract the LED slabs from the torch, cut them into shape and rewire them to have easy access to the cables.

Super glue the acrylic cover onto the assembly to prevent rain water from entering it.

Step 3: Rewire the LED Front Light

Extract 2 output power cable from the LED frontal light, by removing an existing LED from it, so we can connect them to the XXL Light we are building.

Step 4: Create the Box

Measure and cut the wood to fit and drill holes for the wires.

Assemble the box and tape the LED assemblies onto the box using double-sided mounting tape.

Solder the wires and isolate with Duct tape.

Isolate the whole box with a Silicone sealant.

Step 5: Assemble and Test

Connect the power cable together and test the system before mounting.

Step 6: Mount!

Drill 4 holes on the sides of the box and Strap it onto your bicycle.

Test again and show it off!



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    Hey Man i have installed a motorcycle headlight for my beachcruiser, but im stuck on what bettery to put on to run it..i have a 16 mile bikeride at night from work..any ideas???

    4 replies

    Hi Maurizo, I made a bike mounted battery/headlight holder for a 12v LED spotlight and had the same problem. I've been using a lot of 12v NiHM batteries for radio controlled vehicles, which I get from Vapextech here in the UK. They are great for driving bike mounted LED strips and sound systems. For this though I got hold of 2 battery holders for 10 AA cells, and filled them with (1.2v) NiMH AA cells. I connected these in parallel for extra battery life: the rig has about 40 Watt/hours in it. I also stuck on a 12v power take off, a 5v USB take-off (using a 12v car -> USB plug) and a car horn circuit. Vapextech do a good minature charger also, and I use one or two to charge the batteries - usually via the power take off socket, but sometimes I equalise the charge by taking the battery packs out and charging them individually. Nearly all the kit I've used I get retail from Maplin. I'm not sure if there's an equivalent outside the UK.

    what kind of lamp is in it and what Voltage does it need?

    Color: Black with Clear Lens
    Light Color: White
    Material: High Quality ABS Plastic with Black Finish
    Bulb Type: B-35 Bulb (12V 35/35W) with BA20D Base
    Condition: 100% Brand New.....i just copied this from kaspco..but this is one of the specs for it..i figure you dont need the whole thing from website
    ...what do you think?

    you ll need a rechargeable 12 V battery that s not too bulky or heavy. I suggest you get a Laptop battery and and Modify it..they usually deliver 18V,i think it contains 12 x 1.5V batteries..just remove 4 of them.also get a light duty 12V battery charger.i found one of those for 10 euros..

    Hey Sir!..just got your message..but this is not for a electric bike..So i dont know how a computer battery would help ..and i actually have no idea what it is..or the other thing you suggested to go with that?..why wont a simple motorcycle/Atv ..etc work for it?

    5 replies

    A 12V motorcycle battery would be ok to power your light too.

    I mentionned a laptop battery because it s also a rechargeable battery but it is much smaller and lighter than the motorcycle one to put on your bicycle.

    oh I see!!..i just looked some up..but how in the world would i hook that up?..when the male end of the contraption looks like this..


    I see 6 cable inputs here, but maybe 4 cables coming to it?

    if so, this means you have 2 lamps inside that assembly, 2 lamps use 02 cables each (01 positive and 01 negative).

    you 'll need a multimater to determine which cable goes where, and their polarity.

    To figure out the polarity, take the lamps out and use the special short circuit function on the multimeter (the one that makes it beep when you touch the 2 multimeter cables together) to find out which cable connects to the center of each lamp: that's the positive cable..

    because it s a DC system.wire them incorrectly and you risk blowing the lamps off..

    once you got that figured out, follow the diagram in the photo i uploaded:

    wire the 2 negaitve cables together and connect them to your battery, and the 2 positive cable together then into the on/off switch ( any off switch works..)then from the on/off swtich to your battery..done!


    OK ..So i bought a triple Switch....meaning one up, then middle for off i guess and down..So yes you are correct , the lights are both High and Low beam..Now before I move on; ..I was just thinking before I buy either battery I been thinking to buy a


    its supposed to be pretty easy to install but do I need battery for this?..and if so would you reccomend something where i can hook all my stuff into ..or am i going to have to get two different ones..if so..i guess i will look into the computer battery..then another one for..this mid drive..hope you can help..!..just so you been alot of help so far..cant wait to get bike going!..until my next project once i can figured this one out!!

    Happy New Years!!!

    this kit needs a 48V battery.
    you can power up your light system with that battery too by pulling an output from it and hooking it up to a voltage limiter Diode i think is called a Zener should work.
    happy new years to you too and good luck with your project.

    Why did you use 4 flashlights? You could have built it at 1/10th of the price if you bought regular LED's (Though there would be more soldering work)

    How many watts is everything altogether? You might want to try making another one with these 10W LED's (@12V)

    4 replies

    i thought about buying leds and soldering them on a board.
    but i saw these 4 flashlights each for 6$..:).and i needed to build this Asap because i bike 30km to work in the dark everyday and i was getting worried about my safety because nobody sees me passing. anyways i think i paid a little bit (around 10$)more than if i took the led+board option because i was low on soldering wires and had to buy that too .
    the watts i dont know exaclty .in total there are 120 leds but the battery pack is s handling it easily.

    I saw each one for $22 on the link you gave, Safetey first!

    here s the led lamp i bought

    indeed. i bought the same model from a local shop.
    on amazon it s the cheapest one i found.
    i put the links primarily to show the models and specifications . (to be clear , it s not me who is selling theses items on amazon).

    Cool light. I could use my electric bike.

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    hey :).your bike is cool! i did that too with my bike. actually,instead of using a battery pack to power the lights,you could extract a power output from your bicycle battery and adjust the voltage using a diode to 5 V or even 12volts (this will alow you to install car led lighting strips on it which is awesome).