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Step 1:

Ok, thank you!
Glad I could help!
Where do you get all of your small motors!!
hey joe96, <br>I get all my small motors from old, broken toy cars I have. If you do not have any small toys that you can get motors from, try looking online! I know a ton of retailers that sell motors for low prices!
HI, <br> <br>I am making a Rotary tool at home using a brushless motor and a pin vise, following is a build log. <br><a href="http://www.logorbit.com/build-log-homemade-rotary-tool-design/" rel="nofollow">Build Log - Homemade Rotary tool</a> <br>
Looks good! It's a lot more complicated (and it has more features) than the one I made, so it will probably be better and much more functional than mine. Good luck on the build!
what do you do when you want to change the sandpaper? <br>
Superglue does not adhere to well to plastic (at least the one I used), so you should be able to peel the sandpaper off and apply a new circle of sandpaper! Hope this helps!
I like the idea of running it off of a USB cord. Cool project!
Thanks! I was originally going to make it run off of 9 volts, but I liked the idea of it being USB powered too! <br> <br>Thanks for your comment!
Your welcome. I also voted and followed!
Hey, nice job! I did something similar, but put a fan blade from one of those balsa planes. Parents freaked out a little when I used a USB wall adapter and plugged it in to a wall socket. Keep up the good work. I followed.
Hey, a usb powered fan is a great idea! <br> <br>Thanks for following!
Your idea is really cool. This can be used by modelers, knife makers and other people to do little jobs. You can -and I will try to- improve the design, make changeable disks to polish, sand maybe even paint! You can get a rechargeable battery from a phone or a video player and charge it by usb (I made it with a PS2 joystick). I'm voting for you!
Because every computer works better with more dust in it?
Because every computer works better with more dust in it?

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