I have always liked to make something using USB. Now I would like to unveil the USB powered wine bottle light, which is so marvelous at night. This is very simple and easy (which I also like)  to make, and the best part is, it is a great gifting idea, especially on christmas, because the light gives some ''christmas spirit''. It can also be a home decoration, that everyone might like. You can also make a number of bottles like this. (If you liked this project after reading, please vote this in the competition)

Step 1: And You'll Need These.

This is a simple project. (most of mine will be simple.) So the items listed here will also be simple.
1) A good quality wine bottle with good in built shade.(removal of labels is your choice.)
2) A USB cable. the point where it connects to another device doesn't matter.
3) 5 to 6 LEDs. for the best results, try the tri-color LEDs.
4) A large piece of firm cardboard for the stand. 
5) Pair of long wires. (not so long.)
6) A flexible LED strip for a bulb inside the bulb effect.
7) A strip of flexible steel wires for the frame of the LEDs.
8) A battery, if not connecting to USB.
9) Duct tape or sticky tape
10) stapler (optional.)

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