Step 2: Desolder USB Attachment

In order to use the USB, you will need to first desolder the connections to from the circuit board to the USB connector.  The connector has 4 points of connection on Side A(positive/negative and D+/D-) and 2 points on Side B(case ground). 

You will need a soldering iron, solder, copper wire, pliers, and a wet sponge.

(1) I found it works best to add clean solder to the soldering iron, then clean it with a wet sponge(while hot). 

(2) Heat the individual solder points, letting the solder absorb onto the iron or onto copper wire.  In this manner you can break the connection points. 

(3) Once you have the solder removed, the USB connector should easily fall away from the board.
<p>Hi, I'm building something similar to this but instead the USB pen I'm using an old broken Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone case and the laser diode is from a blueray PS3 driver. Also the battery will be the power input so it's 3,7V 1350mAh, what resistor should I use? certainly not 50ohm (lol)<br><br>Great project!</p>
<p>I made this awesome proyect! I made first on my breadboar. Thanks a lot for this project!<br><br>Is there any way get focuser the laser on this project?</p>
I found 3 NI-CD button cell batteries, but they are 1.2 v and 80 mAh each. Does that mean I need different resistors, and if so which ones would work? Thanks. <br>
im building this but with an actual laser pointer laser (got tired of replacing those tiny button batteries) http://www.inkfilling.com/printer-laser-pointer.html
cooooooooool thinkin'
pretty alsome
This project looks awesome! Can't wait to build
Hey thanks!!
And I voted. :) hope you win!!!
wow, Thanks
don't discard a good usb drive if you could use it in another project or a proof of concept if the capacity isn't that high
That is a good idea!!
Say, isn't it a little unusual to put the switch right next to where the &quot;dangerous&quot; laser exits the device?<br>
The danger in the laser is more related to the damage it could do to eyesight, not really to skin. It is not really powerful enough, or well enough focused to burn skin.

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