Picture of USB Rechargeable LED flash light
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In this instructable I show you how to make your own LED flashlight that can be recharged simply by plugging it into the USB port of your computer. I know that you could find something similar from a store, but all of the ones that I found had only a few LEDs so I made my own with eight LEDs.

Step 1: The tools and parts required

Picture of the tools and parts required
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The tools include:

1 hobby knife 2 handsaw
3 soldering iron 4 screw driver
5 scissors 6 wire cutters
7 pliers 8 pen
9 drill and drill bits

parts include

1 Stripboard or circuit board 2 8x LEDs
3. on/off switch 4 3x ni-cd button cells
5 1x 36 ohm or 8x 120 ohm resistor 6 plastic and aluminum sheet
7 electric wirier and steel wirier 8 tape
9 solder
10 USB flash drive (I recommend one without a sliding mechanism)
alexander.m (author) 6 years ago
the batteries the I have the most experience with are Ni based and if these are any thing like NiMh then these need a system to turn off the power when full, this device will take to much room. and as for the flash drive I thought that it it would be the perfect case because pretty much every one with a computer has some old flash drive with 512 mb or less laying around. and if you don't find any, electronic stores often sell 64 mb for a dollar.
NiCad batteries are more tolerant to a trickle overcharge than the newer NiMH chemistry.  But they can still be damaged by overcharge at too rapid a rate, which I suspect USB could deliver to the button cells.
raykholo6 years ago
goldmine elec has some cheap polyacene batteries that u can use...
also cheap and they seem worthwile. however, it might involve a voltage regulator to charge, so i would advise u to be careful as to not damage them, and maybe to dump the flash drive case altogether (there are other ways to get a usb plug)