Step 2: USB Interface Board

These USB interface boards are great and terrible at the same time
They are very easy to use if you have loads of diodes and relays laying around at home
I havent really figured out the analouge inputs / outputs yet either
I got mine assembled just for the guarantee that it will work, but they require pretty good skills and a steady hand to assemble yourself in a kit
The board itself is plug and play with xp/vista, and the software was written by my friend dom in VB.net (2008 for client 2010 for server)
It communicates with the board using a DLL, the software is very easy to modify if you know the basics of VB.net.
I have connected my relays to the board as follows in the attatched images
good project. works great ! <br> <br>
Thank you<br> We were aiming to make a solution for begginers to use and program for the K8055 board, which with the included source code i belive we accomplished, along with making a very cool robot<br> We have now added a low price toy robotic arm, which can be controlled over the internet via a software hook.<br> I plan to be adding photos and the code very soon!<br>
arduino pls new code
Upgrading the robot to be standalone (no laptop needed) is on our to-do list. Would be nice to use GPS, some drill motors, better wheels for off-road and a 433mhz communications link. Summer project, will keep you posted :)

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