How to sitck a USB drive up a rubber duck's butt.

- Small rubber duck
- USB drive
- Super Glue
- Very sharp knife

Step 1: Preparation

- Cut hole in rubber duck's behind, the size of USB drive
- Glue USB drive into rubber duck
- Let dry

Step 2: Finishing Off

After the glue is dry:

- Clean off glue excesses.
- If needed, sand off the edges to smooth them.

tell me, what exactly is the function of a rubber duck?
It would be kinda cute to make it hold it in his mouth...at least i think it would... <br><br>and you can put it on a key chain(if duck is small enough!)
thats a really cool usb no doubt you'll be the talk of the water cooler
XD its funny but its cool i have an rubber duck (with skeltons) and usb with 16 GB 1+1=1.0000000000000 XD its realy works as crazy chicken i mean duckies XD<br/>
talk about constipation. That usb wont get hot... it will poop all over your OS
hahaha. poor duck
The intro made me laugh :D

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